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  1. hoodnanny

    hoodnanny New Member

    i went fishing this morning and i had on sweat shirt, long pants, and a visor to keep the sun off. the problem is i burned with all those clothes on and visor... my face, neck, arms and hands feel like they have been scalded. the medicine i take says stay out of sun. i thought that i was covered with all those clothes on.

    my eyes and face are killing me. i put vinager on face and neck...i put vaseline help....

    can anyone tell me what to do without having to go to emeg room.

    some home remendy.

    thank you shirley
  2. claudiaw

    claudiaw New Member

    OUCH! So sorry.

    try taking cool bath in baking soda, avenno oatmeal.

    Aloe, plain yogurt,lidocaine spray's, can call pharmacy for more ideas.

    If you have high fever get to emergency, you could have sun poisoning.

  3. hoodnanny

    hoodnanny New Member

    i thought soda was one of them but couldnt find if it was used or not. i have a slight temp..i will keep a check on it.. i took some ibpro....cant spell it.
    i will try every thing..i used so vinager to

    thanks shirley
  4. Josie39

    Josie39 New Member

    Hi Shirley ...
    I once had to take an antibiotic that said NOT to be in the sun for a length of time.
    I asked a friend if SHE knew why and she told me that it is because the med CAUSES us to BURN quicker and more severe.
    Also, the BURN, WILL cause a temp. IF you are not better mabe you should see the doctor.
    Long ago when I would get a bad burn, I would use *Noxema* NOT sure if they STILL make that.

    Hope this helps some.
  5. KateMac329

    KateMac329 New Member

    Take tea bags that are soaked in cool/warm water and place them all over your burned areas. It won't make the burns go completely away but it definitely soothes them. It worked for me after an incredibly bad burn two years ago.

    Hope it works.

  6. Crispangel66

    Crispangel66 New Member

    happened to me last year. I had to go to a funeral in oklahoma and my sister in-law took me to walmart to buy this siuff that worked great. It is called Ocean Potion, Instant Burn Relief ICE and it had Aloe Vera/Lidocaine and Tea Tree Extract in it. It feels good if you put it in the fridge and then put it on but I would put it on a soon as I bought it if I were you. But warning don't wear anything white after appling it. It won't stain your shirt but it will turn it blue, or green depending on the color of gel you get. It is remarkable how well it works.

    Hope you feel better soon, Pamela
  7. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    take some asprin if you do not have stomach problems...

  8. Jeanne-in-Canada

    Jeanne-in-Canada New Member

    It's the #1 sunburn rememdy for a reason. If you get pure aloe gel in a health store it's pretty cheap and will usually have vitamins C, & E too. It doesn't just soothe, but it will greatly speed healing of any skin ailment. I always have some and use it for everything.

    Another thing, lesser known, is using St. John's wort. It's used in burn units for very serious burns.

  9. skierchik

    skierchik New Member

    So sorry to hear that! Yep, Aloe Vera Gel is the best! You can get it at the drug store.

    Something to think about has great sun protection clothing. I have a couple of their long sleeve shirts. You burn fast here in Colorado and I have blonde hair and fair skin. I think both my shirts have SPF 30 in them. Great for hiking.

    Take care of that burn!

  10. mjwarchol

    mjwarchol New Member

    Take Ibuprofen or Aspirin for antinflammatory to bring the swelling out of the tissues. Vaseline will keep the heat in. You don't want to put that on. You want something with lidocaine in it or Aloe. But it's like putting butter on a burn with the Vaseline.

    You can get sun even through clothing. With certain meds you need to use a strong sun block, clothes and stay in the shade, or use an umbrella.

    Hope you're better soon.

    M J
  11. matthewson

    matthewson New Member

    drink lots of water too. You need to rehydrate after getting a bad sunburn. Hope you feel better soon, but if not, please go to ER.

    Take care, Sally
  12. starmom

    starmom New Member

    Many aloe vera gels are made iwth alcohol, this is aggravating to burns! Pure aloe is the best. This may sound wierd, but yogurt on your skin will help. Or a bath with very strong tea helps. I never tan, always burn. Spent summers with grandparents in FL, so have had much experience with this.

    Most clothing is NOT sunprotective. You can search on the net for special sunblocking clothing. It is a little expensive, but worth every penny.

    You may also be sensitive to the heat, not just the sun. Some meds say sun, but even just the heat will cause problems.

    Hope you feel better soon!
  13. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    Chamomile lotion. I have heard tomatoes are good too but never tried it. We always get the proper chamomile, not the drug store stuff but that will do at least something, get the plain, not with anti itch in it. Did you catch anything for your troubles?

    Love Anne C
  14. BlueSky555

    BlueSky555 New Member

    I rubbed ice on the burned areas. I know it's cold at the time but you will have to put on area, take off, put back on, etc. You will be able to stand only so much "cold". Use a towel to dry the areas because the ice will melt fast. This should draw some of the "burn" out. Not a DR. but I have done this many times in the past. It helped me and if you try, hope it helps you as well.

    Good Luck,


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