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    Hi all..hope you are all having the best day you possibly can. I am wondering if I dreamed this..or actually did read this on this there a website on how to clean your house and keep it that way? LOL!! I know how to clean it..I was just thinking that there was someone talking about how to do it and keep it clean on some kinda that it took less energy .. does this ring any bells?? Maybe I have gone over the cliff on this one! Thanks..Sherry
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    if this is the same thing, but on another board I'm a member of, many people do the flylady. Supposed to be great for getting organized and keeping things clean, but apparently you are on quite a schedule with it. As much as I need organization in my house, and as much as I'd like it to stay clean all the time, a schedule won't work for me. If you do decide to check into it, let me know how it works out!

  3. karen55

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    I've heard many others say the same thing you just said about flylady, and that's why I never tried her.
  4. stillafreemind

    stillafreemind New Member

    WOW..went to that site..that would be great if I was feeling healthy all the looked a little on the overwhelming side to me.

    I wonder how does everyone manage on this board? Any tips?..Sherry
  5. serenity

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    I have seen the fly lady's site. It is a good one you just have to remember basically what she says and then modify it to fit your life style.
    As for how I cope. (not very well)
    I have bought an electric broom for vacuming when I hurt too much or the vacum is too heavy to lug around.
    I bought Lysol floor spray when the floors need to be scrubbed. Spray it on and use a mop to wipe it up. No heavy pails of water and no rinsing.
    Laundry I have a tub with wheels and move it from dirty clothes to basement and back up with clean clothes.
    I put the clothes on the bed to sort them. Nice heighth and you can sit on the bed while folding plus the closet is right there as well.
    I keep silver ware in a nice container on the counter. The plates are in a drain board on the counter after they come out of the dishwasher. My arms are not up to lifting them down now.
    Everything that can possibly be in plain sight in the kitchen is. That way when you need help you just have to ask for the item and not give directions as to where to find it.
    that is all for now but I do have lots more ideas. If you are interested.
  6. karen55

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    You know how I've been cleaning my floors? I've been using Windex! I have ceramic in several rooms and I can't deal with a heavy mop because of my hands/neck, so I use Windex, and then walk around the floors with a wet towel. There are probably easier ways, so I'm open to suggestions too.

    I used to be anal about weekly cleaning of my house. Now, if I feel like doing something I will, otherwise it waits. And we have all survived the mess! :)

  7. tedebear

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    I have some friends that get a doctors script for home healthcare. They come in as many days a week and help you do the laundry, grocery shopping, cleaning, etc....
    If you find it overwhelming, ask the doctors if this is for you. Do check with your insurance to see if they will pay for it. Most do.
    Soft hugs.
  8. j-bearmama

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    I have "AT TIMES" used SOME of fly ladies ideas.
    ONE that works for me is the 15 minute "flight of the bubmle bee" cleaning.

    we have ALL gotten that unexpected call that someone will be over in a few minutes and look at our house and hope it would just burn down so no one would see our mess.

    well I will set the timer and crank up the radio and CLEAN for 15 mins straight.
    that's it!
    I may do this 2 or 3 times a day IF I am up to it.
    It's a great way for kids to help too. it's not TOO long of a cleaning session.

    in 15mins. my son can vacuum and I can tidy the table and or counter ( both could often take MORE than 15 mins.)
    a bathroom can get cleaned in 15.
    you just have to lower your standards!

    for a quick bathroom clean...
    pick up towels etc on floor. yank stuff off counter. give it a quick spritz with some cleaner and wipe it off. wipe out sink. spritz potty and wipe down. ( sometiems I just use toilet paper and then flush it.)

    for the tub or shower... close the curtain.
    to keep shower clean gie it a little wipe before you get out and teach rest of family to do so also.
    I can't stand the smell of cleaners so I don't "scrub" the shower.
    My husband does that when it gets beyond the point of tollerating it.

    take out bathroom trash and give it a spritz of air freshener. all done.

    best way to keep things clean is to MAKE everyone in the house do a little every day.
    Easier said than done I know.

    My son is 9 and he can vacuum, sweep, and do dishes (load and unload dishwasher) and help switch laundry with no help. And he is responsible for putting HIS things away.

    My husband however is a SLOB. He is slowly learning that I can not, nor will I follow him around 24/7 and pick up his messes.
    now HOW many empty packs of cigarette NEED to be on the counter? and isn't he going to put the paper from the new pack in the trash???? why not take EMPTY with him????

    I still say lower your standards of clean!
    If someone complains tell them you would love their help and you'd be happy to show them where the cleaning supplies are... but that you have to dust them off first. LOL

  9. robin

    robin New Member

    there is a book out, called the Queen of
    Clean and she has loads of tips for helping
    women clean without spending lots of time
    and money! As for no housework? LOL.
    We hire a maid if we can afford it. LOL

  10. pearls

    pearls New Member

    I just received an advertisement from Rodale Press for a book called, "Cut the Clutter and Stow the Stuff." Looks interesting. I've wanted this for awhile and just decided last night one suggestion might be worth the price of the book. There are a number of come-ons, such as,"Why TWO brooms, TWO flashilights, and TWO staple guns will ultimately result in LESS CLUTTER, rather than more." Well that's interesting. I recently bought some extra pancake turners and large spoons and have been very happy at how much easier things have been in the kitchen. So, maybe this book will have something else in it for me.

    The person who wrote it claims whe used to be "clutter-challenged," so I'm thinking this is a person who might know what that actually means! This particular offer comes with another book called, "Twice as Clean in Half the Time."

    When I was in the book store recently, I saw one of those Idiot's Guides. This one was for orgaization and/or cleaning. Is anyone familiar with it? I'd like to know if it is worth the money.

    This whole business is a real issue for me!
  11. pearls

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    I used to cook all the time - three squares and all of it. My kids expected a great meal whenever they visited. Well, that has become difficult. My husband suggested the following:

    1) Keep taquitoes in the freezer for almost instant lunches.

    2) Soup for breakfast! I'm a real breakfast person and love to fix pancakes. But on the days when I just can't, I open a can of soup.

    I've also started doing the following:

    I cook a roast chicken or roast pork shoulder butt roast, either or both large enough for leftovers. Also I bake enough yams for several meals. I bake these merely scrubbed and poked with a few holes. In addition, I cut up a whole bunch of apples (Fugi is a good type for this) and wrap them in aluminum foil. Near the end of cooking, I open the foil (careful - it scalds) to let the moisture cook back into the apples. Doing this gives me a nice meal on the weekends and leftovers to use again during the week. The roast, yams, and apples heat up again beautifully. The chicken is good cold or chopped into another dish. By the way, all of the above is cooked on top of aluminum foil to save cleanup.
  12. fibolady

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    there is a little black and decker upright vacumn called "floorbuster" that is powered by 2 rechargable batteries. it is very, very light and has a disposable cup. my big ole electrolux i haven't pushed around in years, instant flare!

    the little swifer throw away clothes are good too (broom stick and cloth for hardwood floors), although they are expensive for the replacements. a few years ago i order one that had velcro attachment cloths that you can wash and then replace, saves a ton of money instead of buying the replacement throw aways. if anyone is interested, i can look through some paperwork to see if i still have the order company.

    everyone used to tease me about throwing everything away, but i sure am glad now, my life is not cluttered up and it does make housework easier. if i don't need it, i tose it!

    after a long soak in the tub always rinse it with the sprayer or if you don't have one, just use a cup and fill it up and throw it on the tub. i used to always clean it, no more, just a good rinse is fine now. (standards change when you have fms!)

    routinely go through your desk, this is something you can do every week while chatting on the phone or listening to your mom on the phone, haha.

    warm regards, fibolady
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    I don't use these but I was reading someplace today that the diaper liners or baby wipes fit the head and are a lot cheaper than the replacement pads.
    sorry I didn't pay closer attention.
  14. pearls

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    1) When going from one room to the next, always carry anything that belongs where you are going - that is, if you feel like it. If you don't, the heck with it!

    2) Thank God for dishwashers. I think there should be two, one on either side of the sink. Wash in one the first time. Empty as the stuff is needed. Stow dirties in the other. Then switch. Can't afford it, though. Phooey!

    3) Beds - use a comforter. All you have to do in the morning is pull it up - if you feel like it. It sort-of looks made. Then again, I kinda' like the current rumpled look (not really, but I might as well, considering). It is amazing how many decorating books and magazines show beds that aren't made. Sounds like something for us!

  15. BethM

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    I've enjoyed reading these comments. Over the years, even before my fibro diagnosis, my standards for 'what is a clean house' have dropped considerably. With a spouse who claims to clean up but had not a clue, two active boys, various dogs, and living on a dirt road, I decided that it was craziness to expect to keep a house clean. There are better things to do with my time than clean! Don't get me wrong, we never lived in squalor, but the place was never 'eat off the floor' clean, either. The kids had to have SOME standards to live by!

    After the fibro became more of an issue, the housecleaning standards dropped a little more, then a little more... I do what I can, and with the kids out of the nest, it's a little easier. Still amazing how much laundry just two of us can generate! I'd rather use my energy to go for a walk than clean a floor.

    I still maintain two things:
    1. Housework rots your brain (unless you are getting paid to do it, and even then I'm not so sure)
    2. A little dirt never hurt anyone.

    Of course, we cleaned yesterday because people were coming over, so that means we don't need to clean again for awhile. Yay. And I'm feeling it today, even if my darling spouse did the vaccuuming and other heavy cleaning. (Ever look at the shower with your eyeglasses on, by the way? It's scary.)

    I use the disposable dusting cloths, dry mop the hard floor to get up the dust and dog hair, and have an Envirosteamer floor cleaner for when the hard floors get really bad. Uses only water, no smelly cleaners, and uses steam, so there's almost no drying time and no mop or bucket to deal with. I also choose to ignore the dust sometimes. It'll just come back, anyway.