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    from clothing and furniture? My in-laws had a beautful mahogany chest that I recently inherited that they stored my husband's baby christening ensemble in for years. The outifit is exquisite. I did wash it on gentle cycle with a little bleach and that was okay, it's beautifully clean, but I just cannot remove that smell completely. And the chest smells a bit too. I tried washing the outfit with white vinegar and baking soda, keeping the lid open on the machine so it can soak for awhile which helped, but still smells. And I'm hoping for a remedy for the chest too!

    Any remedies would be much appreciated!!

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    This strong odor, in furniture or clothing, can be taken care of with a lot of air circulation. If it’s in clothing, hang garments outside in fresh air to let the smell dissipate. Wash garments alone with washing soda or baking soda, added to the regular amount of detergent. If the odor is inside a chest of drawers or a cedar chest, you must air out the drawers too and then lightly sand the inside and vacuum up the shavings. Stuff the drawers with newspapers to help absorb the odors. Wipe the inside with a cloth lightly dampened with household vinegar and let air-dry.