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    get your picture on your profile? I have updated mine and I thought I'd put a picture in also. I have downloaded to a file,but cannot seem to get it to my profile. Duh huh? I'm not really all that great with this thing yet. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks....queenbee
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    At the top of the page when you are editing your profile there is a blank section with a "browse" button next to it. YOu have to hit that then it will pull up the files on your comp. Make sure you are looking under the correct folder then just click the picture you want to be showing on your profile. Once a file name shows in that blank space you just then have to hit update at the bottom of the page. I beleive you have to do that every time you edit anything on your profile because it erases the file name.

    I hope this helps. If not...we will figure out what to try next

    Amanda's Rumpsonfire
  3. queenbee69

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    rumpsonfire...I love that name,it cracks me up just to say it. I have successfully added my picture to my profile and it's all because of you!...queenbee