Help! How to convince PCP that just because her tests show zilch

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  1. aprilhuque

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    I am still sick . . . can someone point me to a "scholarly article" that states clearly why some of our illness will not show up on tests!!!!!

    I have already sent her the Starylnl stuff, anything else?

    I appreciate it, I am seeing her at the beginning of next week, will also do more searches!

  2. jeanderek

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    April I am sorry your having such a hard time, I dont know of any articles and its a Dang Shame that we the paitent have to PROVE to the "Doctors" that we are sick. That is what we go to them for. I wish you the best of luck and I hope that you feel better really soon, sorry I can't offer more info I hope someone here can help, best wishes

  3. Shaylee

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    To Whom it may Concern:

    Have you ever arose in the morning with a stiffness and pain that you could not get to the toilet? Have you ever walked on your toes or crawled on hands and knees to keep from putting your feet on the floor? Have you ever been so fatigued that something as simple as brushing your teeth or taking a bath makes you go to bed? Have you ever had your entire life destroyed and became so dysfunctional that you begged God to take you away, because you and what you are is completely destroyed? Have you ever had all the scientific test come back negative only to spend thousands of more dollars and go from doctor to doctor because no one will listen to you? Then after years of all of this you finally find someone who will listen and treat you with medications and even though you will never be well, you can at least function to some degree? Have you ever tingles to such a degree that you fill as if you has ants all over you and they are crawling on your body? Have you ever been denied SSI only to have to fight for what is rightfully yours?

    Congratulations! If you have experienced these things and many more, you have Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome!

  4. nancyw

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    Hi April: I just went through a lovely ordeal like this with my PCP. Have seen her for over a year now and after a severe eye infection had vertigo/dizzy, nausea, no balance, etc. She has sent me to all the speclts and everything came back normal. Finally diagnosed myself and found a doc in another town who confirmed my diagnosis. She is an OB/GYN doc and she has fibro herself. Very upbeat, you can do it.....(while I'm crawling to the sofa because I can't get up off the floor or sleeping 15 hours a day. Went back to my PCP to update her on change in meds (depression, sleeping, etc.) and let her know that I was diagnosed with fibro. My PCP walked into the room, hadn't even shut the door yet and I didn't realize she was talking to me, and says "Well, I can't help you. What do you want me to do". To say I was p----- off was an understatement and of course through my fibro-fog, I'm not quick on the uptake any more. Six hours later I had thought of all sorts of lovely things to say back to her. I really liked Shaylee's little article or words (or whatever it was - brain fog). I'm keeping that one to use. Anyway, I think I'm going to try to find another PCP, possibly a rheumatologist. Wish both of us luck in this wonderful "odyssey". Just remember, you're not alone in this and we all believe you.
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  5. teawah

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    I went on a sight called and clicked on the news and features tab, asking for info on FM. I found an article called "Fibromyalgia Pain Isn't All in Patients' Heads" This article may help you. Check it out:)
  6. layinglow

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    Unfortunately trying to persuade a disbelieving Doctor, is almost impossible. Spend your time and energies, removing this stressor, and find a Doctor who treats fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. All the time you spend trying to convert a disbeliever is time wasted, that you are not receiving help for your illness.

    I have been down the same path---and in hindsight, it was not only financially hard, but emotionally and physically it takes it's toll, too.

    I now, see a D.O. that specializes in Fibro and CFIDs (I have both). I can tell you in the 6 months I have been seeing him, that my health and symptoms have improved dramatically.

    Please don't waste more time on someone that does not believe in these disorders, and if they did, don't have the knowledge or experience in treating them.

    Best wishes,
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  7. aprilhuque

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    right now I am seeing a Physical Medicine doctor who confirmed my dx six months ago or so. He is mainly responsible for the MD part of my care. Then I also see a neurologist who is also a d.o. for a neuralgia in my neck and for mps, a physical therapist, a massage therapist who is also a reflexologist, and a headache specialist.

    The problem is that I have Kaiser and IT IS SO FREAKING POLITICAL! All MDs there feel bound by the
    "PRIMARY CARE DOCTOR" IS THE MAIN POINT PERSON AND DETERMINANT OF EACH PATIEN'T S CARE. She told me to stop seeing so many doctors, so I have stopped seeing the headache specialist for awhile and the massage therapist i see on my own, so there . . .

    but I still am not really sure that she knows how to treat fms and cfids. she just refers, but she needs to renew my pain meds this week and it is the first time, so i am nervous and don't want it to get confrontational, but i have my pain patients bill of rights and know how to advocate within the Kaiser system for myself,


  8. sbarb

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    DO NOT waste precious energy trying to convince a PCP that you are ill. Do what I did - dump them fast and find one who understands and has experience with FM. I ended up going back to my old PCP (who happens to also specialize in rheumatology) who is now a 30-mile drive away. I regret not doing so sooner. He knows my family medical history and knows that I am not a crazy person. I too spent months with an unresponsive PCP who did nothing for me. For some reason, we seem to get stuck beating our head against the wall too long, maybe it's the brain fog...

  9. gcalex

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    I tend to agree it's a waste of time, but ask her by way of analogy what blood tests diagnose MS or autism or schizophrenia, there aren't any. You might find on the web a very good article by Dr. Anthony Komaroff entitled The Physical Basis of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, which debunks the notion that it isn't real. Also a great book called The Doctor's Guide to CFS (or something like that) by Dr. David Bell.
  10. Dara

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    on a doctor that relies only on medical test results. I had a doctor that did that and thank goodness I changed to one who knows that most testing for FM does come back negative. As far as the doctor who told you to quit going to so many doctors, if she'd diagnose you correctly you wouldn't have to go to so many doctors. Doesn't Kaiser have a quality review board you can go to? My advice is to change doctors immediately.