Help!! Husband was taking 300mg of effexor xr

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  1. murillomod

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    I am so mad!! My husband went to go see physh. doc. a month ago, my husband was on 150 mg of effexor and the doc. said to up his dose to 300 to help his depression, he got really bad , feeling confused and very weak, his body would spasm really bad .After about 10 days I called the physh. doc . to let him know what was happening he told me to give it time and have my husband see him in 2 weeks. Well he only got worse so I called his primary doc. and he was amazed at the dosage, he said to cut back the dosage to 150mg . Well today he returned back to the physh. and he told my husband that he never told him to take that much, he said that much dosage can poison your body, well I have it written down in his writing to change the dosage.Any recommendations on what to do will really help!!! Thank you
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    The only thing I could tell you. if somthing does not sound right that a doctor tells you about the amount of a med, is to call a pharmacist before you take it!

    Pharmacist know more about meds than any doctor will ever know.

    I hope your husband is alright? I sure hope so.

    Shalom, Shirl
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    Effexor & my understanding is the highest dose is about 200mg a day. Sorry to hear that your hubby had to go thru this. I took Cognitive behavior therapy & it really helped ,, also exercise is helpful. I hope your hubby soon finds some relief.
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    I take Effexor XR, too and normally, the dosages are only increased in increments of 75mg at a time and no less than four days at a time between increases. Most of the time the doctors have you go a week between increases, like they did with the starter pack. Tapering off is done the same way, 75mg at a time, with one week in between reduction of doses.

    For Depression the usual maximum dosage is 225mg a day.

    For Generalized Anxiety Disorder the usual maximum dosage is also 225mg a day.

    Studies have been done on trials of 375mg doses, but most of the worst side effects presented at this dose without any appreciable improvement in symptoms over the 225mg. Effexor XR does take a full six weeks at the same dose to establish the benefits of the product.

    In any case, your husband should not have been advised to jump to 300mg like that. This should have occurred over a two week period and the same with the cutting back dose. He should have been observed in the hospital as bad as he was, for monitoring of his vitals at the very least.

    The only thing I can advise at this point is to write-up the incident, while it is still fresh in your mind. Check up on this doctor with your State's Medical Board, you should be able to get contact info from your local Medical Society and see if he has any complaints filed against him. You will probably need his license number to get this information. File a complaint against him, even if nothing comes of it, it will be in his file.

    Hope this helps,
  5. AC77

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    E XR is usually started at 75mgs once a day increased slowly at 1 week intervals. A trial at 150 for a month should be given first. The PDR states 225mg, but studies show higher doses work better in some but not all people. A lot of people use 300mgs and sometime more but this is done gradually. Withdrawl from E XR can be real bad, but it is a good antidepressant.
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    Thank you for all your great responses,my husband still seems very weak today, he thought he was going to die last night.I am going to call his primary doctor today, does any one know how long this medication stays in your system?
  7. MemoryLane

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    About 92% of it is metabolized in the liver, but according to the information on it, 87% is recovered in the urine within 48 hours.

    That said, the effects he is feeling could last longer if he is a poor metabolizer. Did he suffer any prior liver or kidney problems? Does he have a history of high blood pressure or heart problems?

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    I was on 300mg of Effexor XR for about 4 1/2 months, and dry mouth was my only side affect. My primary had refered me to a psych hospital (I have a new primary now). I was already on the maximum dosage of Celexa, he added the Effexor XR up to 300 mg over a 2 week period, he also put me on Seraquil and Welbutrin at the same time. I am now off of all of those except the Effexor, but I am only taking 150mg.

    I was told that the maximum dose of Effexor XR was 300mg by both my psych and primary. Of course then again, they both told me everything was in my head too.......

  9. MemoryLane

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    Get copies of those medical records, including chart notes. You may need them and they can't refuse you.

    How is your Hubby doing today?


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    Thank you for all who has responded, my husband still seems very weak with no appetite,he did start getting some chest pain so I called his primary about it and his respose was that my husband had complained about this before and they have done so many test on him already and everthing checks out normal, so this is probably all fibro related.I am scared because when one starts feeling wierd symptons, you do not know if it is fibro,medication or somthing else.I hate this DD for what is has done to our life!!!!!
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    Actually, 300mg of Effexor xr isn't an uncommon dose at all. The issue isn't the dose, but working up or down to a dose. Effexor has a long half-life and is generally increased or decreased in 37.5 milligram or 75 milligram doses. This is very important. Also, it isn't uncommon to feel lousy when starting this med or weaning off. The slower you increase or decrease, the better.

    I know many people (who don't have FM) who take 300 mg per day. I take it during the winter for seasonal depression. I also inadvertently came off it too quickly once and had withdrawal symptoms that were terrrible-- dizziness, numbness/tingling, nauseaous, unfocused, etc.
  12. AC77

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    back him down to 225 mgs or 150 if you only have those mg caps. and if he hasnt been on that high dose too long. It might help side-effects. Effexor's half-life is very short, thats why they have the XR--extended release version, to last a full 24 hrs. Most of the drug will be elimated in a few days.