Help! Husband's snoring is killing me!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by sleepless_in_tx, Feb 27, 2006.

  1. sleepless_in_tx

    sleepless_in_tx New Member

    I already have problems staying asleep and on top of that my husband snores LOUDLY almost every night. Sometimes I go to the couch to sleep and I can still hear him with the bedroom door closed, it's that loud. I don't like to sleep on the couch because it makes my leg and hip hurt. Does anyone know of any remedies that might control his snoring? I'm trying to get him to see a doctor, but so far no luck.
  2. claudiaw

    claudiaw New Member

    There is a natural product called snore ez. I think you can get it in the drugstore.
    It reduces tissue inflamation, it works for some.
    he may have sleep apnea, which can be serious, he should check it out.
    Is there another room you could sleep in?
    I sleep in the guest room and it has done wonder's.
  3. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    At least for part of the night. Maybe if he sleeps on the couch he will keep waking up. Also spraying nasal spray saline in the nose prior to bed may help.

    Other remedies are sewing tennis ball into PJ top so when he rolls on his back he gets back on the side. I cannot think of anything unless he will go and see sleeo specialist or ENt to check his throat.

    It reminds me of a joke where the wife clapped her hands each time the husband woke her snoring. At the divorce court, she cited snoring as the reason she had to get him out of the house. "What!" he yelled "Well I have a wife who keeps me awake clapping all night long, go figure that!"

    Hope you can remedy it.

    Love Anne C
  4. laura81655

    laura81655 New Member

    Hey, I know isn't it Horrible!!! I swear, my arm swings over and I hit him in my sleep!! Not on purpose, really!!
    It's soooo bad. My couch is not good for sleeping, kills me, so we are going to get another bed in the spare room, since my son moved out. Sometimes I get up and take another chip off a Soma(muscle relaxant) so I can try and sleep.
    Good luck Sleepless....

  5. bluestanglady

    bluestanglady New Member

    Try the Breathe-Right Strips. They work on both my husband and me.
  6. Bunchy

    Bunchy New Member

    I'm afraid I have temporarily (hopefully) kicked hubby out and he is sleeping in the spare room whilst I try to wean off sleeping pills.

    We started last night and I slept so much better. It's hard emotionally but it is for the best at the moment. We have tried all the snoring remedies and they don't work for him. Good luck - hope you work out a solution,

    Love Bunchy x
  7. lenasvn

    lenasvn New Member

    as long as he is unwilling to take care of this problem he should be the one taking the uncomfortable sleeping place. it's not your fault he is snoring, I (did)live with a snorer. I am yet to see a couple where both are HAPPY sleeping in the same bed where one is a bad snorer. Sleep is as important as nutrition, you just can't live without it. I hope hubby will get to his senses and take care of this problem. I am not judging or trying to be mean, but men have a tendency to drag their feet, not understanding the significance of the problem.
  8. shan1078

    shan1078 New Member

    I've got the same problem!! I've tried to convince my DH to wear one of those breathe right strips or something , but he says no way.

    I take Trazadone every night, so, I just listen to it until the medicine knocks me out!! LOL

    Good Luck, Ladies!!
  9. sleepless_in_tx

    sleepless_in_tx New Member

    for your replies. I wish I had another room to go to, but my kids haven't moved out yet..(hopefully that won't be too long) so there's really nowhere else for me to go. I'm going to keep pushing him to go to a doctor, maybe he'll get tired and go just so he won't have to hear about it anymore. It's for his own good also.
  10. TXFMmom

    TXFMmom New Member

    iF HE SNORES THAT LOUDLY, HE undoubtedly, has sleep apnea.

    Sleep apnea can cause sudden cardiac death. Tell him that one, if nothing else works. It is the truth.

    It also can cause high choleterol, blood pressure, cardiac arrhythmias, and diabetes. NO kidding. That doesn't even include the homocides.

    You need your sleep, we get little enough.

    Today, there is the sleep study, they determine if they have sleep apnea, then if the CPAP mask takes care of it. If not, sometimes laser surgery - it is done under a local in the doctor's office, so it isn't that bad. It does give them a heck of a sore throat for a few days, but NO MORE SNORING, NO MORE DROWSINESS, NO MORE DIVORCES.

    Tell him about the problems. It could save his life, seriously.

    My husband has it, he is thin, but his anatomy with a receeding chin causes his. It runs in the family.

    He just got his physical back and he has high cholesterol, high glucose, and he is thin and wouldn't have it if he would get a CPAP.

    I listen to him, and I know I am going to wake up and be a widow some morning, but he is very, very stubborn.

    I hope your husband has better sense.
  11. utvoldeb

    utvoldeb New Member

    i have used ear plugs for five years, i sleep with a husband that snores loud, and our pet sleeps with us too, he won't get any help either.
  12. Kinsie

    Kinsie New Member

    I live in Texas too.

    I don't think my husband has sleep apnea, he just snores.

    Once I wake up and hear him snoring that's it for me all night. I just cannot sleep with noise going on.

    I punch him, ask him to roll over, blah blah blah.

    I don't mind sleeping on the couch, in fact, it almost feels better than the bed, but he gets insulted if I get up, and leave him.

    If I'm lucky he falls asleep in his recliner, and stays there!!!

    It's caused us a lot of problems. If he were the type to just sleep in the other bed we'd be ok, but he insists he wants to be with me. I can only get a semi good nights sleep if I'm by myself.

    We have a little dog that likes to sleep with us. I love to have her in the bed, but I can't sleep with her there either.

    I wish I had an answer, if you find one, let me know!!

    Your friend,

  13. sleepless_in_tx

    sleepless_in_tx New Member

    Wow I didn't know sleep apnea could cause all those health problems. I'll definatly have a discussion with him about it. I don't know why men have to be so stubborn sometimes. But this is the same man who broke his ankle in a car accident and waited two days to go to the doctor. *sigh*

    P.S. I have considered the pillow over the face option before.

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