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    i applied for disability.well they sent me to their psycho doc ,then had an appointment for their family med doc ,but then canceled .then they denied me .now it went to reconsideration ,and now they having me go to their family med doc.....can you tell me what i will have to do there?what will they do.i am so scared .but has been a year with this...i need their help bad.....what can i do?anyone form the carolinas?
    any reply will be so greatly appreciated...god bless....janet renee
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    I had to go to their Dr. before they denied me the first time. He was nice to me and just asked some questions and it's wasn't a big deal. He agreed that I should be on disability and they still denied me. Then I got an attorney and was denied one more time and then my attorney got into court and I was approved and received all my back pay six weeks after that. It's just horrible all the hoops they make you jump through and they make you feel like a horrible person for needing it. Once you win things get much better though. Hopefully they will approve you this time and you won't have to go through any of the stuff I did. Mine took a total of 3 years and I had to file bankruptcy three months before I got into court. Try not to get too worked up as it will just get to you and there truly is nothing you can do to change the system so just do what they ask and it will work out in the end. I will be praying for you to win this as I know how hard it is to live without that income.
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    I was one of the fortunate ones, as I got my SSDI on the first go around. Several of the folks here have suggested that yoy should dress for how you feel. A clean, but simple to put on jogging suit can give the impression that buttons are difficult for you to manage, which they probably are. Slip on shoes are appropriate also. Do not wear makeup or fix your hair in a fancy style. When he asks you questions, give answers according to how you feel on your worst days, even if you are feeling especially good the day of your appointment. Stay up late the night before. This is one time that circles under your eyes are a good thing. Have someone drive you to the appointment, and be sure that you tell him you were unable to drive yourself there. I'm sure that others will give you more advice. You can also check the "Search Messages" feature for "SS Doctor", "SS Exam", or any related topic that you can think up. Good luck!