Help! I am full of candida!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by pepper, Dec 8, 2005.

  1. pepper

    pepper New Member

    I went to my GP today and he told me that a massive red mark behind my knees is candida. My massage therapist thought that I had burst a bunch of blood vessels there - that is how red it is. He has prescribed Lamisil for it and asked if I had yeast anywhere else.

    Then I started thinking about it and realized that I have some under my arms, under my breasts, between my toes and of course where all of us ladies always get yeast infections. I am exploding with candida!

    I took Diflucan years ago and felt so much better on it but had to stop it because of elevated liver enzymes (which are still elevated) so my dr. will not put me on any of those drugs, including Nystatin.

    So, what have you had success with in treating massive systemic candida?? Has anyone had success with ThreeLac (I think that is the name)? I have tried Yeast Busters but it didn't seem to do anything. Maybe I need to try it again.??
    What has helped you?

    Any diet suggestions?

    Thank you for any help with this. It is unsightly and annoying and must also be making me feel worse than I otherwise might.

  2. karatelady52

    karatelady52 New Member

    Over on the lyme board, a lady was using Oil of Oregano for candida and said it cleared it up for her.

    I too had to stop the Diflucan because of my liver so I'm using these nasty oregano drops under my tongue.

    The brand several people were raving about is Oreganol by North American Herb and Spice.

    This lady said it took her about 3 weeks and now her candida is gone. I've only been using it a little over a week so we'll see.

  3. hopeful4

    hopeful4 New Member

    Pepper, so sorry to hear about the candida you have! I've not heard a story like yours before.

    Personally, I've used flucanazole and now nystatin, with probiotics, liver support and diet. So my meds are not of help to you.

    Quite a few people on this board swear by the ThreeLac. Try to do a search on this board for that to read people's experiences.

    Probiotics are a must with the yeast treatment. Candida diet is also a must. The basics of the candida diet are: (I cut/pasted and edited from another post)

    Foods to Eliminate
    • Sugar in all forms, including honey, except occasional whole fresh fruit.
    • Fungus, molds, and yeast in all forms, including vitamins and minerals.
    • Most B vitamins (unless yeast free).
    • Most breads and commercial baked goods.
    • All alcoholic beverages.
    • Mushrooms.
    • Vinegar and all foods containing vinegar, including salad dressing, sauerkraut, green olives, pickled vegetables, and relishes.
    • Some crackers (read labels carefully for yeast ingredients).
    • Fermented products including soy sauce (tamari) and tofu.
    • Dry roasted nuts (these tend to have mold).
    • Processed foods.
    • White flour.
    • Bacon and other pork, which often contain molds. Lunch meats.

    • Whole grains and starchy vegetables.
    • Fruit and diluted fruit juices, which may cause yeast to grow. Eat high fiber/low glycemic fruits like apples, pears, berries, in small quantities only. No bananas, melons, pineapple, etc.
    • Nuts and seeds (small amounts).
    • Beans and other legumes (small amounts).

    • Eggs, fish, chicken, turkey, seafood, lamb, and veal.
    • Vegetables except corn and potatoes. Eat low glycemic vegetables.
    • Vegetables that inhibit the growth of Candida: raw garlic, onions, cabbage, broccoli, turnip, kale.

    Good luck.

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  4. pepper

    pepper New Member

    I appreciate the diet reminders, hopeful4. Some of these foods I don't think I ever was aware were candida triggers. Now to try and stay within that diet and stay gluten-free and away from the foods I tested allergic to! But I will do it since this candida is now a big problem.

    Foggedup and karatelady - Oil of oregano! I was told to take that years ago (North American brand was recommended then too) to "cure" my CFS. I took it faithfully (straight and under the tongue too, foggedup!) No cure of course - but maybe it helped with the candida. I am heading to the Health Food Store right now to get some.

    Stormyskye, I will check on ThreeLac again. Do you know if it is only available online? I will do a search and see what I can find.

    Thank you all for your help.

    Edit: I see that you found it in a health food store, Stormyskye so might try that first.[This Message was Edited on 12/08/2005]
  5. pepper

    pepper New Member

    Stormyskye and anyone else - are the capsules any good? I have the no-smell type to take for my high BP and cholesterol. I still taste the garlic though. Then I read (on this board?) that the capsules aren't any good - we need to eat the real stuff. Anyone know?

  6. mbofov

    mbofov Active Member

    Coconut oil is great for getting rid of candida (as well as being good for your thyroid and just all around good for you). Go to the Tropical Traditions website and it will tell you all about it. It worked for me, better than caprylic acid.

  7. pepper

    pepper New Member

    I was going to order Tropical Traditions Coconut Oil this week but was wondering if I should now have the "sweet" oil! I have been told by a lady who practically cured her daughter to take it every day and have been following the posts about it here. In all the confusion, I have forgotten that it is good for candida!

    My thyroid is wonky too so that is a bonus.

    Thanks for the reminder. I am going to order it now.

  8. tcluna

    tcluna New Member

    eat lots of broccoli, a compound in it kills candida on spot.
  9. Shannonsparkles

    Shannonsparkles New Member

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