Help I am in pain..Ribs Ribs Ribs!!!!

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  1. onesmileymyley

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    I can't take this pain anymore.. I hurt so damn much and want to know how many others hurt in the same spot. I have had so much pain in my lower left rib area. I always have had this but it seems to hurt so much more then normal. It hurts when I turn sharp and espically when I touch it. It has been very very cold here in Wisconsin so i do not know if that is why I am in so much pain or not. Please if anyone else has this same problem reply and tell me what your's feels like.
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  2. onesmileymyley

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    hoping for reply
  3. klutzo

    klutzo New Member probably what you have. It is very common in FMS patients, and will often get much worse in cold weather. I am from Wisconsin originally, so I know how very cold it gets!
    Go to the top of the Message Board page and type in "costo-chondritis" in the search bar, and you should get loads of previous posts on this one, although I recollect that many of the previous posts mispelled it, which is easy to do, so you may not find that many.....
    You can also do a websearch to find some medical articles on it.
    It is an inflammation of the muscles where they attach to the sternum and ribs. This is one of very few conditions in FMS that ARE inflammatory. It can even imitate a heart attack if it gets bad enough, or cause shortness of breath. Try not to overexert yourself and don't do any exercising of that area until it calms down, use a heating pad on it, take NSAIDS if they don't upset your tummy, and take extra muscle-relaxants, if you have them. If you are big-busted, make sure you wear a support bra at all times, except when sleeping. I like sports bras when my costo-chondritis is flaring up. Above all, keep that chest warm!
    I have had C-C for 15 of the 17 yrs. I've had FMS. You can learn to manage it, but it may take awhile to figure out what helps you the most.
    In empathy,
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  4. christieuk

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    great to finally find someone else who has this. klutzo is partly right costo chronditis is the inflammation where the ribs join the sternum. from your description it sounds as tho you get the same pain I get, in your left side, mid/lower ribs rather than the sternum (which I have had previously). Pain is excruciating and the only way to get rid of it is to lie down - i try not to make pain meds - otherwise I would rattle when I walk :eek:)

    have you found anything that works? out of curiosity are you overweight?

  5. onesmileymyley

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    HI the rib pain I have is mainly in the lower region of my ribs. I get it once in awhile in my upper but not often. I am not big chested (B) and I am not at all overweight. (119)
    It does not hurt as bad when I lie down but if I lay on it, it hurt's very bad.
  6. dmhaver

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    yes, i too suffer from lower rib pain, both lower sides. it doesn't seem to be one side more than the other. i too have been given the explanation of costo chronditis. in the past my dr gave me muscle relaxer as well as anti inflam drugs. not really much help. time and relax as i read in the other replies is what i've tried, sometimes it works others not. i wish u relief.
  7. starstella

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    with painful spots in the rib area on my sides. Mine is usually on my right side, sometimes left. When it flares up it is really bad, like someone is sticking a screwdriver into the skin over my ribs. I haven't figured what flares it up. It occurs over areas of painful lumps under the skin, I have many of those over my body, but when the rib ones hurt, they really hurt. When I get the rib pain, I use heat on the area, lying down with the painful side up. Sometimes it hurts for a few days, other times a few hours. My physical therapist tells me to keep trying to stretch the rib area with exercises he has shown me. Hope this gives you some info. You are not alone with this.
  8. SuzieQ

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    When I first started developing fm, one of the areas first hit was my ribs, was always worse on my lower left side, in the kidney area. I also had frequent bladder infections and the dr would think it was a kidney infection. Then I realized the pain was all over my ribs and chest. Then I started noticing the pain everywhere else. The only thing that helps is the heating pad, but the effect of that lasts only as long as I am using it. Just one of those things I have learn to live with. I hate it!!

  9. onesmileymyley

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    I have this pain every day and have had it for over a year now. Someday's it is not awfull but then others it can take your breath away. If I am leaning on the counter a certain way on that rib area it feels like a shooting pain threw my body and it hurts. I am also wondering if any of you experiance this worse when that time of month is about to come? I have noticed that my rib pain is at it's worse like 10 days before my period and will last untill the day after I get it. I also want to thank everyone for all the responses
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    all related to chronic fatigue and usually caused by a tight twist in your colon at the splenic flexure where excess gas builds up due to candida diet etc.... check splenic flexure syndrome. its not costro con. typically.

    dr jbreck
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  11. TaniaF

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    As you can see above, you are not alone. I have had this problem for years. Just recently I was on an antibiotic (Ceftin) for another problem and I felt like I was in remission. Now, off the drug, my pain is coming back--can't figure this one! I get pain from the collarbone, sternum and side rib pain. The sides are the worst for me because down at the waistline are the floater ribs. Everytime I twist and turn I get a sharp pain and sleeping on the sides is horrible. What helps me is heat, and to wear a tank top or camisole under your shirt at all times to keep the rib area warm. When I have a flare and going out I use one of those Thermacare heat wraps. I can also relate it to weather---both rain and cold (although in Florida, we don't get the extreme temperatures but it is very damp).
    I haven't found a doctor yet, that knows what to do with CC. So sorry you have this malady, but as you can see we are all suffering with you.
  12. Betsy2

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    I have had this pain in my ribs off and on for the past two years. It has gotten so bad some evenings that I nearly called my rheaumatologist after hours. It is not fun!!! I asked my rheuamie about it when I visited her a while back and she said it was just something I would have to live with because it is part of the Fibro. She knows that I am aware of ways to decrease the pain so she doesn't take it lightly as her statement may have made it seem.

  13. desertlily

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    As I read all of these posts, I'm amazed - I've had problems with pain in my ribs - but I always ignored it, didn't even mention it to my doctor - I always thought I was crazy, "Who has pain in their ribs, for pete's sake!" To find out that it is so common makes me feel better, Thanks!

    There are sure a lot of quirky symptoms with this thing, aren't there! I have pain in this one area on my left side and I have problems with pain around my sternum, especially if I turn certain ways, sharp pain!
  14. AnitaQuiles

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    Hi there....I have the symptoms you describe for a while. not to be a sour potatoe, but it has sent me to the hospital and the last episode was in Nov, and because of it I lost my job. but is was a dead end job is called is very, very painful. it mimmicks a heart attack in many ways. I have learned to LISTEN if I may say to my pain/ is hard to cope with. I have cried a lot......if you want to talk more about it I CAN HEAR YOU> cold weather makes it worse. I put mineral ice and it helps, sometimes heating pads seem to make it better. they do not know where it came from, my doctor said from an accident, but I never had one, maybe from moving a heavy object...not sure. Anyway, I wanted to let you know that I do understand. By the way, just typing this message has agravated my rib cage is very sensitive area..mine is where my heart is...the left and it is scary too. but I have decided IT WILL NOT control my life.
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  16. Peashock

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    Hi Christie UK,
    I also have chronic left sided rib pain. I do not get the pain in my chest area, only under my left ribs and sides. It is so painful.. Is this where you get the pain too.. How are you doing?

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  17. Shirl

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    Been having it for three days, but it was so bad this morning that I stayed in bed with the heating pad. It seems to generate fatigue too. Been so tired all day, still am.

    Klutzo gave you about all the information you can get as to what to do for it. I am trying not to take the Advil gel caps, as my stomach is a bit off today.

    Yes, the weather seems to have an effect on it, its raining and damp here (not cold), been this way for almost two weeks straight.

    Keep your chest warm, I wear a tight fitting cotton tee under my shirt, the body heat stays put and it makes it feel better.

    HOpe you get some relief soon.

    Shalom, Shirl