help! I can't sleep and scared to take.............

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    I have not gotten more than 4 hours of sleep a night in the past year. I have sleep meds(ambien)that the doctor gave me,but I am scared to take.I guess because I have to take pain meds like everyone else and am scared of taking the sleeping pills also.I always have a bad reaction when I do try to take something because I have so much anxiety and panic takes over.I just wish that I could take one without being so scared so I can get some sleep,I can't go on much longer like I am.I know that my husband would appreciate it too,since I keep him up half the night complaining that I can't go to sleep. He always says I don't understand why you won't take what the doctor gives you,thats what he gave it to you for.I knopw he's right.I just wish that I could past the phobia and take one.Any advise from anyone on how to deal with this? Please...I need some sleep.
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    Have your tried valerian? Not sure I spelled it right. There are also several sleep formulas sold at health products stores. Also, 5-htp is supposed to help you sleep. You just have to try several different products to see what helps you the best. Anyone with pain needs to get that taken care of first.
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    Maybe if you spoke to the pharmacist, told him all the meds you are taking, and ask his opinion about Ambien, and the combination that you are already on.

    I am like you with new meds, I am very sensitive to drugs, and a lot have caused me some crazy reactions, so I know how you feel. I am Gun shy myself.

    I have had a sleeping problem all my life up till a year and a half ago.

    It got so bad at one time, that I started sleeping in another bed not to disturb my husband who at the time was working two jobs. I didn't wake him up, but felt that I was disturbing his sleep getting in and out of the bed all nightlong.

    What I take for sleep now, is working wonderfully, but we are all so differnt, anyway heres what I take;

    7pm Xanax (0.25 mgs) for racing brain syndrome

    9pm 2 ZMA (zinc, magnesium and vitamin B-6) this is the key to my deep sleep now, I sleep 7-8 hours a night without any wake ups, if I do wake for the bathroom, I go right back to sleep. It takes ZMA about 10 days to really work for most people.

    Melatoin 1 1/2 mg, this is a hormone and it helps me fall asleep.

    As you see, the only drug I am taking is the Xanax, and I have been taking this low dosage now for almost 16 years.

    The ZMA which is a supplement (you can go to the 'Store' link here at Pro Health and read about it), I have been taking this now for one year and a half. This has really been a God send for me.

    The Melatonin I have been taking for about 12 years, I lowered the dose from 5mgs to 1 1/2 now, still works the same.

    I sure hope you get some sleep, it is so very important to our health with these illnesses.

    I am sure others will share with you about Ambien, I know many here do take this.


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    That is a powerful lot of Ibuprofen you are taking, do be careful that will put holes in your stomach not to mention what it can do to the liver, etc.!

    By the way, welcome to the board!

    Shalom, Shirl
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    Hi Donna,
    I have had problems sleeping for 20+ years. At first it was just off and on. I would sleep well for a week or two then not sleep well for a week or two. After my kids were born, my husband and I worked it out that I would stay up until around 3:00 AM with the baby, and he would take from 3:00 on because he would start to get restless. We did really well with things for a few years. Then I started not sleeping at all. I would go from 3-7 days without closing my eyes at all. That was really interesting. I tried over the counter things to help me sleep but they reacted the opposite and I was just really jittery and exhausted. I've been on different perscriptions, most of which also work the opposite on me, and still don't sleep much better. I usually don't even attempt sleep until at least midnight, then I lay down and sometimes I can lay still and rest. However, that doesn't always work either. If not, I get up work on computer, watch TV, read, or work on crossword puzzles etc. I do this because my restlessness interferes with my hubby's sleep. If I have a night like this, I lay down again around 6:00 AM, and IF, yes it is a big IF, I do sleep it is usually between 8:00AM and Noon. For a while every time I slept I had nightmares, horrible nightmares where my kids were killed, or I was in some kind of car accident etc. The med I am on right now helps me sleep deeply, and not have nightmares, but it only helps if I am able to go to sleep. Went the sleep study route only to be told they couldn't do anything unless I went to sleep first. It is very hard to do anything when you are exhausted. As for taking the med, I agree with one of the other post, talk to your pharmacist(one who knows you well hopefully.) As for the ibuprofin I've been there done that also, be sure to eat something everytime you take it. That at least helps with the stomach part. I will be praying for you, I know just how hard it is to keep going when you can't sleep. Lots of luck.
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    early. I have the 5mg ones but I break them in half and just take a half of one. It helps me fall asleep, but I usually do wake up after 3 or 4 hours from the pain. I also take pain medications and have not had a problem with taking both of them. I also take Effexor XR which helps me to fall asleep without tossing and turning all night long. I have never been able to just go to bed and fall asleep, night time in bed is when I do all my worrying and stressing out about everything. Oh, I also take Xanax, .25mg as needed., I think this really helps with the panic/anxiety disorders. I know I take a lot of meds and I don't like it that I do, but after putting up with the pain and lack of sleep for so many years I just couldn't keep it going any longer without some help.