Help I dont know where to turn?

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    Back in March of 2008 my daughter was diagnosed with Lymes Disease. Her first sympton that lead to her being tested was Bell's Palsey. Tons of antibiotics she had to take. The doctor could not determine when she contracted or how long she had it. She ended up in the hospital and had a spinal tap and the results were that it was not in her spinal cord.

    Since May of 2008 she had the following problem: Throwing up after lunch everyday in school all avenues tested for or investigated turned up with no problem.

    Passed out during yoga class and could not be revived right away. Director of daycare claims my daughter had a seizure. Blood work done, EEG and MRI all coming back indicating no problem, Passed out at Daycare for a second time several months down the road and rushed to the ER. Doctor chalked it up to Exhaustion after evaluating heart monitor results. Primary Care Doctor ordered wearing a heart monitor for 24 hours test results normal.

    Then I started to see that my daughter was having bouts of depression, and starring episodes, so I started to take her to see a shrink and we are currently in family counseling. That shrink claims she is showing signs of High End Spectrum Autism, however he won't diagnose her with it.

    She has been complaining about frequent headaches and joint pains for months every couple of weeks.

    I think this is ongoing or chronic lymes disease. When I say something to any of the doctors or therapist I get this crazy look. Help where do I turn, what do I do? My duaghter is a beautiful 7 yr old little girl.
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    There is a Lyme disease board here. Click on the message boards and you will see it listed. Hope you find all the help you need for you daughter. GB66