Help! I have a lot of back pain..How do youf ind relief?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Kimelia, Feb 20, 2006.

  1. Kimelia

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    I go to the chiropractor which seems to really help but I can't afford to keep doing that. Shke is talkingabout raising her rates too which will make matters worse.

    My low back hurts really badly sometimes and the only thing that helps is getting adjusted or taking ibuprophen. I don't like taking ibuprophen :( I think a heating pad may helptoo actually.

    There is a herb called kudzo which is supposed to be a pain reliever. Anyone taken it or have any other ideas for good pain relievers or anything that might help?

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    kimelia .. I have a disc fusion as a result of a herniated disc in the lower back (L4/L5) .. 4 screws and a bone graft .. so I know what that pain is like ..

    Heating pad is an essential .. get a good large sized one with auto turn off if you can .. safety is important because you may actually relax enough to fall asleep.

    Next .. you must put support under your knees to allow the back muscles to give up that strain it feels .. I use 2 pillows .. you will know how much support is right for you because you will feel RELIEF !!!

    There are support belts that you can buy that will hold you comfortably while taking stress off the back muscles for every day activity.

    After all that I have been through with my back I can strongly recommend a gentle yoga to stretch the tension out of your legs and back .. I try every night to do my routine after I have warmed my back muscles up with the heating pad .. it makes a huge difference in how I get up the next day ( especially with the Fibro too)

    Experiment with what you think will make you feel more comfortable and what will take the strain off your lower back !

    Good Luck !
    Fudge : )
  3. Cromwell

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    Also, we bought these great flat heaters that hang on the wall, low down, 2ft square, they use very little electric and the heat is wonderful(only 450 watts)-Econoheat on google.

    I put the ottoman close by, not touching and sit and have my back right on the heater..

    For Brits, your great radiators do the same thing, we don't have those nice slim line hot water heaters in USA though.

    Body pillow, also I love Tiger Balm.

    Don't use tiger balm and heat at same time though. Epsom salt baths.

    Love Anne C
  4. Jeanne-in-Canada

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    It's not that I don't use narcotics for the big bad pain, but here's some other ways that help too.

    here's a list of pain relievers, one or more is bound to help

    - protein digesting enzymes, as good or better than NSAIDs
    (I use ProEnzyme P from the Prohealth store here, best buy my side of border and yours Iv'e found)
    - use arnica gel, I got a homeopathic pure formula and I'm blown away, the pain relief is almost instant and sinks right in w/out greasiness
    - try different painkiller, I find codeine is better for FM pain, by far, than oxy, sometimes less is more
    - try an herbal pain/rheumatism formula
    - homeopathics like Traumeel or Rhododendronheel are great for rheumatic pain

    - I have some thing called Pro Muscle Calm, it has cal/mag, valerian, passion flower, wild yam (progesterone creams relieve topical pain), wood betony, cramp bark, hops and skullcap
    You don't have to get that exact formula, but look for similar ingredients. It will do something, trust me. Only thing i find is I can't take it during the day because there are too many sleep aid herbs in it, like hops, valerian and passion flower in it, which also happen to be painrelievers too, and it zonks me right out. But how mahy would love both sleep and pain relief in one?

    - super hot bath w/ epsom salts
    - calcium/magnesium supplements (some swear they are better than muscle relaxers)
    - rice sock (get a big sock and fill to a comfort level w/ parboiled rice and nuke for about 1 min, will conform to your sore area and the moist heat will last half an hour- better than a heating pad!)

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  6. caroleye

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    Lots of good suggestions. If it's "acute", I use ice. Then after a couple of days, I use my magnetic wrap.

    If it still isn't under control, I'll see the chiropractor, and there's also a new machine out called the Photostimulator that some of them are now using.

    And I HAVE to learn to quit lifting "anything"!!

  7. Kimelia

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    Thanks for all the wonderful ideas. I have not been online so couldnt reply till now.

    Is sleeping on sidew ith pillow between legs good? when i sleep like this on my couch my back hurts oddly enough.. But this is the only position i seem to be able to take afternoon naps in, and it has to be on the couch. weird I know.

    I'm going to def try the pillows under the knees and other things listed.

    Do you take the digestive enzymes with food or on their on?

    How many massages a month do you get? I get adjusted like 4 times a month or so. Would one massage = 4 adjustments as far as pain relief possibly?

    Alright, I'll check back in a few days. I appreciate all the great ideas!
  8. BabiCati

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    is what finally helped me after years at the chiropractor and massage therapist. they relieve the pain, teach you proper posture and exercises that strengthen your back... by far the best! I had to, however, switch because I did not like the first one I had.
  9. Kimelia

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    Interesting. I would have never considered that. Thanks for the idea.