Help,i have fallen and i cant get up.....

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    hi ,i am janet.i am a little new has been very hard on me.i was first dx with a viral infection,then it was lupus,on to congested heart failure,kidney failure,hypertension,severe manic depression.and it goes was it is a viral thing, 1 year 2 years you will get better .back to your self again.i am now on so many meds i can not even function day to day.i am married and got 4 kids ,38 years old and things i use to love to do .like ride with my kids on my bike and take my 2 year old along in her seat,play ball,race with them.i can not do no more....the pain goes deep for only that .we also had to file bankrupt,and my husband is struggling to pay bills,along sometime my family helps.the pain is you go to apply for disability and they just treat you like .get out and work if i cN YOU CAN.I HAD ONE SECRETARY TO SAY OH! YOU HAVE FIBROMYALGIA.I DO TOO!i told her yes mam( i was at my psychologist)i said i am sorry to hear that mam,but i also have lupus that did and has effected the organs in my body.and i almost left the most beautiful thing i ever had was my husband and my kids....not knowing if i would die or get better and be the wife to my husband and the mom my kids once had..i said god bless you and you have a good day...she was so red and got away with.and yes,it is true .you never know your friends until u need them..........i hope you all much happiness in your future and the very best of health.and god bless you.
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    It is so hard to not be able to do what you used to do - I have two young kids, and it's hard for me, but not nearly as hard as for you. But don't give up on trying to get better. You've been through the ringer with your doctors, no doubt, but here you might find out about some new things that you haven't tried. And they might help. I wish I had some good advice for you, but all I have to offer you at this point is a whole lot of sympathy, because I'm still searching for a treatment that works myself. But I have to think that lots of prescriptions are throwing your system way out of whack, and maybe you should see a naturopath to get balanced back out again.
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    Hi Janet,
    I can see you have an overwhelming amount of things to cope with.I also know it is sad when we can't do the things we did in the past.Then the hardest part is when others treat us poorly like we have no problems.Ya they don't show,but they sure hurt.I am glad you reacted the way you did to that secretary.If she has FM she should know everyone can be different and she should be considerate to the fact that you have other problems.You were at your psychologist! Shame on her to treat you that way.I wish I could say something to take your physical and emotional pain away,but all I can say is that I understand and hope you will get all the support here that you can.Always remember your family still loves you no matter what.You hang in there and be good to yourself. Lana56
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    I wish there was more I could do, just like everyone else here. I know you must feel so desperate at times, but please try to count the good moments when you can. My heart goes out to you, and I will include you in my prayers.
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    thanks girls for your reply.i have a long road a head of me.i just am not strong enough to fight it.but i will. i got to for me and for my friends here......god bless....
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    girls i forgot to mention i do have fibromyalgia.and i have been down hill since.janet