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  1. Donna61

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    Hello...I was told I have FM in June 2003. I saw a rheumatologist who told me that there is no pain pill that will touch the FM pain. I think he must be wrong. Could anyone tell me what they take for meds for their FM. Thanks
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  2. Suekoo

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    Well, he's right. Pain's the name of our game, but I'm surprised he didn't start you on some kind of medication right away. There's a lot of really good information on this board and you will have many responses to help guide you, but none of us can really tell you what to take. What works for one, may not work for others. Since you are just recently diagnosed, it may take a while to try differnet things and see what works best for you. We all have our good days and our bad days. To answer your question - I take Mobic in the morning, flexeril at night and ZMA before bed. (ZMA can be purchased at the store here on this website). Blessings. Sue
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  3. Donna61

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    I was prescribed Tronozone to see if it would help my sleeplessness but it didn't seem to do anything. The only time in the last six months that I have been pain free was when I had my heel operated on and I was given Oxyodone...that took care of the pain.
  4. tandy

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    So sorry of your DX of FM~ Mostly its true.....I have'nt gotten any relief over the yrs. But my dr. is'nt keen on handing out strong meds~.Some do,most don't.
    Thats why i'm trying to get into a pain clinic.I heard they are better at dealing with painful chronic conditions.(I hope!)
  5. ranger

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    There are things you can do. Did he send you out the door with nothing. Others are right. He should of at least tried something. Ultram is popular for this for pain. I am also on Trazodone (corrected spelling) for helping me sleep. Sleep is important for you. Without good rest, your muscles and nerves become more bothersome to you. Even with sleep they are too, but you have to do something. If he won't treat you, please go see a doc that will. I hope you were tested for lots of things, using blood, X-rays and possibly an MRI. Exercise with guidance, is important, I'm finding out again for myself. I have had to take pain meds that were altered to work, or changed to new things, before I got to an acceptable range to carry on the act of living without crying. I also take Paxil to calm my nerves and irritable bowel syndrome that seems to come with this disease. Then too I have a muscle relaxant called Soma that does wonders for the tight twitching muscles all over. It helps.
    Please, keep reading to see other ideas. If pills are not your preference, there are natural and Holistic way of dealing with this too. They (the doc) can't leave you hanging like this. That is what we are here for.
    Ranger, A Mom.
  6. nellie1953

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    Please try Arnica gel I bought it 2 weeks ago from QVC shopping channel it is amazing I'm not totally pain free but it has made such a difference it is really worth a try it is a Homeopathic therapy you will get it listed under simply beautiful on QVC
  7. Suzan

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    That has been approved at this point for use for Fibromyalgia, and that is Ultracet. But, there are many pain relievers that doctors try for patients. There are also other options for pain such as stretching, accupuncture, water aerobics, massage therapy, chiropraty and many others that people try to alleviate there pain. I was diagnosed in Nov. 2002, and my doctor started me with amitriptyline for sleeping and vicoden for pain. Most of the time the vicoden is doing a good job for me. If you don't get pain help with this doctor, my advise is to see someone else who takes Fibromyalgia more seriously!
  8. jeanann

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    with ranger, Dont panic. Panic will cause stress. Stress makes syptoms way worse.

    I was dx with FM in 2001, it has been an interesting journey. I am blessed with a wonderful treatment team. They are always willing to help me try something new for my symptoms.

    That is the idea, we can only treat the symptoms. It took me a while to find the right combinaiton, and strength of meds to take.

    I tried accupuncture, very expensive and natural remedies, chinese herbs etc. I have gone to water airobics, yoga, weight lifting, rolfing, massage
    I have tried 5HTP, Valarin Root, PAssiflora, for sleep, Ambian, trazadone,for sleep.

    i take, hydrocodone for pain, doxipin for sleep, vioxx for the arthritis, Effexor for depression, chronic pain and anxiety. I walk and or jog 4-6 days a week and i watch my diet.
    Before I found the right combinaiton I could not get up before 10 and that was only with two doses of pain meds in me. Today I am active, not as active as i was or would like to be, however i have learned the proper balance of activity and rest. This is important for me. Also I have no stressors!!!! I have had to move into a place where i am alone. No other people with me to cause me stress. I pick my friends very carefully these days. My family is very supportive and loving toward me today. I feel very blessed.

    Take it easy Donna and find a doc who will work with you and listen to your suggestions and answer your questions. I beleive we know what our bodies are about. We know what we need, we just have to find it.

    Jean Ann
  9. EllenComstock

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    Sorry about the recent diagnosis of FM and the need to join our world. I have both endometriosis and FM. I am on Ultracet for the pain. Yes, unfortunately, I don't think any of us have had complete pain relief from any medication, but the Ultracet does take away the edge for me and helps me sleep at night and also get through my work days. I take the Ultracet about a half hour before bedtime to give it time to work. Also, ice packs help numb painful areas for me, but everyone here is different. Some people get relief with heat. And we are all on different meds. It's mostly trial and error. I know this must sound discouraging to you, but at least this is a safe and comforting place to come where we all understand what you are going through!