help i"m paniced

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    does anyone else panic when you get a new symptom? I do it every time now I"ve got a sore throat and pain in my right ear ,and soreness in my cheek bone under my right eye, feels like a electric shock when I touch it.
    IT seems like I can"t get through one day without something else showing up. when does it ever stop about the time i get one symptom figured out another one pops up.
    just once I like to watch a movie and foget about all this crap.It's driving me crazy. I feel like I could run out into the woods behind our house and scream until I no longer have a voice.Or if I had the strenght saddle up my old horse and ride all by myself until dawn. now all I can do is look at her in the pasture and wish I could just through my leg up over her back just one more time. ride off in a slow canter til you feel like your one with the horse.Why did"nt I count my blessing when I had them. well anyhow let me know how some of you remember your blessing.

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    Seem's like there is alway's something new and strange.

    I don't want to blame it on FM, because it may be something else, so I try to either reasearch it or go to the doctor if it doesn't go away.

    I ask my P.T> about alot of stuff along with my Rhuemy.

    I will be going to a dermatologist and GYno soon so I have qusetion's for them as well.

    I go to the doctor's with a long list of question's! I'm sure they just love me!:)FM/CFS has a wide varity of symptom's. You know your body best, if you are really scared have it checked out. The stress of worrying will make it worse!

    Today I was determined to be "normal" so my hubby drove me to Home depot and I bought a few flower's and planted them.

    I feel awful and my leg's are like a big noodle, but I finally have pretty flower's to look at( provided I can get up tommorrow to look at them!:).

    Sometime's I do stuff I know I will pay for just because I get so sick of not being able to do anything, I rebel I guess.

    Hope it doesn't come back to bite me in the butt later!

    Best wishes,
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    It sounds to me like you have a sinus infection - something that is very common for all of us here. Earaches, sore throats, sinus pain is all part of this dd, but if you go to the doc maybe they could give you something (antibiotic) for it. any fever? Nasal drainage?

    I get this a lot. For me it lasts a few days, goes away for a week, then is back. It's just a cycle, and they won't do anything because it's "part of the symptoms" and if I don't have a fever I can't have an antibiotic.

    I got paranoid at first, now I just blame everything onto my dd and will probably get into big trouble for it some day.

    Hope tomorrow is better for you~

    Friends~ Jole
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    I have Panic Disorder that stems from physical problems in my past.

    It is horrible to go through Panic Attacks.

    I just went thru a horrible bout about a month ago and the Doctor kept upping my medications until I was at a relaxed state. Yes, I am an anti-depressant and benzo druggie.

    I will have to keep the pills upped for awhile because I have about four problems going on right now that are not resolved yet.

    Love and prayers,