HELP! I need a dr who is not afraid to prescribe pain meds for FM

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by kokabean, May 26, 2010.

  1. kokabean

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    I have read a lot of posts for pain meds for FM but unfortunately the drs. I go to DONT BELIEVE in them. I have no history of drug or alcohol abuse but I do know when I went to ER before being diagnosed they gave me a percoset and it HELPED. Does anyone know a good dr in the westchester/orange/ulster/Dutchess County area in New York that they can recommend. I would not do a post like this but i do see a lot of people being very open and this is the only site that has helped me since i got diagnosed. I do not like being treated like an addict when i do ask and explain that helps me for the pain and fatigue. My primary doctor asked me when I explained to him what was going on with me if I was suicidal omg I was so upset i just cried! He does not believe in pain meds and the specialist I go to now also does not prescribe them. I am a responsible adult and would like some control over my own health and well-being. I am quite capable of following dosage on meds as directed. ANY HELP WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED. For those that do not believe in this type of medication I respect as well but everyone is different and I do respect that.
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  2. Misfit101

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    I wish i had an answer for you. Im sorry that youre in pain. I went years in agony before i found a brave doctor. My issue at the time wasnt fm tho. I think its a travesty that so many suffer when the relief is at the doctors fingertips. My only advice would be to see a young-ish osteopath or a pain management specialist. Ive always really liked the osteopaths ive dealt with. I wish you the best of luck. Hope you find someone.
  3. Debra49659

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    I have seen a physical rehab/pain specialist for about 2 years now. I believe I was seeing him for close to a year before he prescribed anything narcotic.

    Doctors will likely try many other non-opiod drugs and/or treatment first. I don't think it has anything to do with you being trustworthy.

    No and/if or buts you will become dependent to those type of med's. Please don't get me wrong...there is a huge difference in being dependent and being addicted.

    I tried many things before we made the decision to try opiods. Actually the first med we tried from that class of medicine was Methodone. I almost died...for real. Its was several months before we tried again. I am doing well this time:)

    I can't offer any suggestions for a good doc in NY, but call the hospitals and get a couple of numbers for FM support groups. Ask the folks that attend the meeting which doctors they recommend. That's how I found mine:)

    Good Luck
  4. Juloo

    Juloo Member

    I could have written your post myself (well, except for the location). I don't have any advice to finding the right doctor, but I do have appreciation for your position. Opiods are the only thing that help me when I am in all-over pain. But if any of my doctors get even a whiff of this, they run the other way. I don't need them all the time (both my CFS and FM are on the manageable end of the spectrum at the moment), but let me just say that I recently had some dental surgery and was prescribed a decent pain reliever for the short-term, and I am guarding each one of them.

    It makes me angry that it is like this. If I *ask* for the pain meds that work and actually use them, then I'm supposedly addicted. If I *save* the pain meds that I know work, then I have 'hoarding behavior', and I'm addicted. So if I take them, or if I don't take them, I'm addicted.

    Where on any part of this earth (except in some doctor's brain) is this logical?
  5. kokabean

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    I know, thank you for your reply and it has helped me so much just knowing that I am not alone on this and not being judged and looked at as a pill popping drug addict!
  6. kokabean

    kokabean New Member

    Thank you that is a route that has not been suggested to me.
  7. kokabean

    kokabean New Member

    OMG thank you for that. You took the words right out of my mouth! I have watched for years people I know who are alcoholics and they just go to the store and buy more. Meanwhile I truly need something to help me and I get the looks! Where has our society gone! There is something my doctor mentioned called newvigil which helps with the energy but she doesnt want to prescribe that to me either. She wants me on Lyrica which i may have been drunk, the room was spinning and i couldn't stand. Now she put me on Gabapentin so I will try that I feel like a freaking guinea pig for the FDA! I am only a person that would like something to help with the pain and my energy and not be on a thousand different things!
  8. kokabean

    kokabean New Member

    Hi thank you. I have not heard of MSM but I am willing to try it. I don't care if it is a narcotic or not as long as it helps!
  9. GrumpyFMgirl

    GrumpyFMgirl New Member

    i hate the way docs think u will be an addict if u take a narcotic but they sure dont mind giving people anti-depressants which they say r not addictive but they are cuz ive tried 2 go without and it was a disaster i lasted 2 miserable months so now im on 2 God help me well anyways i understand ur fustration and ur pain hope u get some pain relief soon take care :)
  10. Misfit101

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    I dont know about anyone else...but NO doctor just sat down and rx'ed me a narcotic. He put me through the paces first. I had to see two pain specialists, a neuro, and an ortho doc 1st. A battery of tests...MRIs, xrays, physical and neurological assessments, even a myelogram. Then started on drugs that relieved me of nothing but my money and patience. I almost feel lucky that my back problems came first. So many docs who dont "believe" in fibro or who dmt take it seriously. I had one friend who got rx'ed methadone for fibro pain almone. An osteopath did that. My last 3 doctors have been osteopaths and if i have my way ill never see another kind of physician again. Theyre not the jokes of the medical community they once were.
  11. Misfit101

    Misfit101 New Member

    I dont think the "new age" DOs do the manipulations anymore. None that ive seen do them. I think thats what made them the butt of many of the medical communities jokes. And back when side effects werent even a consideration!
  12. Janalynn

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    Are there any FM support groups in your area? I'd go to one and talk to the people there if possible. They are a great source for referrals.
    You could also ask your Dr. to refer you to a pain management Dr. Some of those do and some don't treat w/narcotics. It's sort of a crap shoot with them too.

    MSM pain relief is really for arthritic pain - inflammation. Fibro is not inflammation. Although taking it won't hurt you. I'm assuming you're looking for more instant relief.

    Gabapentin (Neurontin) may be helpful. Some people do much better on that than on Lyrica.

    Research shows that less than 2% of chronic pain patients actually get addicted to pain meds. Dependency and addiction are two totally different things. So don't let anyone scare you. Some of us have HORRIBLE pain and have no quality of life without some sort of relief. It absolutely irks me when people are denied that. For you to even feel like you 'might' feel weird about posting this here too says something, you shouldn't feel that way. We have what can be a very painful condition.

    What kind of specialist do you go to? I would ask them what the treatment plan is? Maybe don't bring up the narcotics thing again, but give the Neurontin a month see if your pain is any better, if not ask him/them what your options are. Have they prescribed any muscle relaxers for you at all? Those have been helpful to me on bad days. Do "they" believe in Tramadol?
    It's sort of a pseudo-narcotic, for some Fibro sufferers, it's very effective.

    If necessary, seek a Dr. who is knowledgable in treating Fibro patients. You need a good caregiver - unfortunately you have something that isn't going anywhere, so you have to have someone who's going to stick by you and do some trial and error stuff with you.

    Google some FM Support Groups in your area and go to a few. I went to one in my area and was happily surprised at the knowledge I got (lots of Dr. information)!

    Good Luck!

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