help i need new doctor near cleveland ohio. help wanted

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    iam a 30yr male and ive been dealing with fm for about 5yrs now. I have two ? First i live in cleveland ohio area and iam looking for a new doctor that could treat me better for this diease. Also ive tryed all this differnt meds to try to help with this and nothing is working. ive found that taking vicodin really helps me for the pain. but my problem is now my doctor that i was getting it from to help retired. And no other doctor will help me with this. any help would really be great.

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    Forgot to mention--put your location in the title of your post. It will help attract those who know docs there. Good luck.

    Love, Mikie
  3. Chelz

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    I live in the Cleveland suburb of Garfield Hts. I too have been trying to find an FM doctor in this area as well, so sorry that I do not have an answer for you at this time, as I am currently searching myself.

    The doctor I see (on occasion) is an integrative doctor, but the couple of times I saw her, I do not really feel she has a grasp on FM. I'm 46 and was diagnosed back in 2002.

    I know how frustrating this is, I work in a hospital and I still can't find a doctor to help me...............but if and when I do find, you will be the first to know it.

    I do know of one doctor named Dr. Frank Pelligrino who has written a book about FM, and he is currently practicing in I believe, Canton Ohio, I don't know how close or far that is to you, but he is highly recommended. Good luck, Hugs Chelz.

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    I think the main reason docs don't recognize FM, and this is only my opinion, is beacuse it is soooooooo broad, meaning, they still do not have a "test" to prove this condition, they go only by your symptoms, and the duration of those symptoms.

    I am not dissing all doctors, I think there are great ones out there, but it seems as far as FM goes, it's like finding a needle in a haystack :( Another reason, doctors are trained to, take a test on you, find the result, then give you a medication for it, when the tests come back negative, they are stumped, I really do believe this, then they think it is all in your head, or there is a psychological componet to it only, and they feel uncomfortable with it. I also think this is the reason they write so many prescriptions for antidepressants, which I don't think has anything to do with this condition (my opinion).

    Also, FM can start in so many different ways, for example, I have heard of people getting FM after a car accident, or one doctor told me I was double jointed and I was bound to eventually get FM because of it, articles on FM say it can be inherited, other articles say it is a psychological disease turned inward, I have also heard some women get FM after having a few children, although I only read that theory one time, but it is still another possible reason.

    No real answers, just theories, and I strongly believe many docs feel uncomfortable with this. There are docs who are intrigued by it as well and want to help, but feel helpless towards their patients.

    I went to a seminar back in 2005 and met Dr. Jacob Tietelbaum, not personally, but he was the speaker and I asked him questions. He was somewhat refreshing because he believes us. His protocol for treating FM and CFS seemed too exhausting and expensive to me, LOL, so I guess that didn't work out, but it was interesting to me.

    Dr. Tietelbaum also stated that he thought FM patients were the most knowledgeable people he has encountered because we know so much about alternative therapies, we know our own bodies more than anyone, and we research all the time, he was right about that. Hugs, Chelz.

  5. place

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    I go to Dr. Juguilon. She does not take insurance but she is worth it! I can work and have a some what normal life due to her treatment. I function at 80% of what I used to function at.

    Good luck
  6. Mikie

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    All these illnesses are difficult to diagnose. One usually has a condition for years before enough symptoms show up for a doc to make a diagnosis. One particular symptom of FMS is a set of tender points on the body. Most people with FMS will eventually have these tender points and, possibly, others as well. There are maps online with these tender point locations. In fact, a good specialist will "map" patients to help make the diagnosis. My rheumy made my diagnosis after just looking at my history and list of symptoms and then, simply running his finger down my shin bone. Evidently, those of us with FMS often have extremely tender shin bones.

    Rheumies are often the best to diagnose FMS but not necessarily the best to treat it. My best doc was a physiatrist or doctor of physical medicine. These docs often are called sports docs.

    Good luck to you.

    Love, Mikie
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    what have she giving you to make u live a normal life?????? also where can i find your doctor at?
  8. kaylee69187

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    i try the doctor from the sports med doctor and he said he couldnt help me. every doctor ive seen cant help me.
    ive also been to pain mangement.[This Message was Edited on 12/11/2011]
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    like most people I am on a cocktail of drugs for symptoms. She has a symptom check list that she attach one by one with herbs or prescriptions. She does not prefer herbs over prescriptions or vis vera but what ever will get the job done.

    She is in Cleveland, not sure I can give you a website or number due to policy on this site but just google her name.

    Best of luck,