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    I have written on several occasions regarding waistline pain, lower rib pain and constipation and tons of gas problems. I see no relief in sight and I'm starting to get really scared. I have had numerous tests including barium enema, upper gi, abnomen ultrasound, rib and chest x-rays, blood work and some of you suggested I get a HIDA scan...which I did and it came back normal. I was starting to feel better for 3 weeks and the last couple of weeks it has come back sooo bad. I get horrible waistline pain with rib pain and I have enormous amounts of gas. The pain is what really freaks me out. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what this could be and does anyone else suffer like this. It has totally controlled my life. I am 32 and I can't take it anymore. My back also huts directly behind my ribs. My doctor is sending me to a IBS specialist and until then I am suffering immensley. Can IBS be this bad??? Please any suggestions would be greatly welcomed.

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    Yes IBS can be that bad......................
    Until you can get to the specialist you may want to try some over the counter gas relief pills , might make you a bit more comfortable until you see what the Dr. has to offer.

    You are in my prayers
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    Maybe you could do a search on and type in irritable bowel syndrome and look to see if there is anything you can do to help yourself. Just a thought.
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    I sometimes get really bad gas pains, double me up. Usually all I can do is lie down (when possible) which usually eases them. Then it wears off overnight. Fortunately it isn't too often..
    I have yet to find a useful remedy for this, I bought some peppermint oil tablets but you are supposed to take them after every meal and I keep forgetting, so I don't know if it will work!!
    good luck,
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    IBS can involve all the symptoms you mentioned. I've had them all before I was dx'd with IBS. I'm sorry I can't tell you what I took to releive the symptoms (can't remember). But whatever it was a RX from gastro doc. The google search is a good idea - might give you some ideas to relieve some of your symptoms till you get to the doc.

    I really feel for you as I know exactly what you're going through. Hope you find some relief soon.

    Keep us posted.

    Take care........Kathi
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    Tes, Gas often happens if your food isn't being digested properly, especially if you have taken antibotics that kills off the good bacteria in your stomach. Digestive enzymes can help enormously. Vitamin B complex can help with gas too.
    Also, you may have a problem with your gall bladder, but this seems unlikely at your age. Try avoiding spicy and fatty food.
    Best of luck to you.

  7. tes

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    for all your replys. I have had my gallbladder checked with ultrasound and with a HIDA scan. Both were negative. A HIDA scan is supposed to show anything that was missed from an ultrasound and was told that it is the best test. Has anyone had a HIDA scan and had negative results, but gallbladder was the problem? I am so confused and fed up. Does IBS cause trapped gas as well. Because my stomach rumbles like crazy and I can feel like air needs to come out but it won't. Can IBS be a daily problem? Because I have problems everyday.....some days being alot worse. I also have read the CFS can cause abnominal pain and digestive problems with no pysical problems. I have had this problem for almost a year now and I haven't gotten worse, but I need answers. Anyhow, more help is still welcome. Thanks so much. Tes
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    The advice to do a google search on IBS is a good idea. I know there are recomended dietary changes that is suggested. My memory is poor, but I believe they suggest cutting out dairy and gas causing vegetables.

    I would keep a food diary and list your symptoms. It would be helpful info for you and your specialist.

    This isn't a popular line of thought, but have you considered or been tested for food allergies? They can cause IBS.
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    I had all you are talking about for over 20 years. I was a walking methane factory. I would pass gas at least every 15 minutes with no relief and 15 min later do it again. Use the toilet, go and get right up and pass gas again. HUH!!! I finally went to a naturapath and she put me on an elimination diet for 30 days. Ate very little. Then I started adding back food one at a time. My biggies are wheat and dairy. As long as I keep those out of my diet I am managable. I now take a probiotic daily and digestive enzymes every time I eat but the biggest help was diet.
    At 54" and 115lbs I looked like I was at least 6 or 7 months pregnant all the time because my stomach was so distended with all the gas and pain and I cant even begin to tell you about the social impact all this had on my life. Trying to hold it while going thru the grocery store was torture. When you are freed from the torment giving up dairy and wheat is easy. It costs nothing to try it and wont hurt you so see what happens. I buy no prepackaged foods and you have to look carefully at all ingredients because there is hidden wheat and dairy in the most surprising places. Giving up all sugar and white starches just made me feel even better in the tummy.
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    As soon as you said you had pain in the waistline I thought "she has IBS". I've had it since I'm 14 years old (I'm 52 now). When it first started I thought my panty girdle was too tight! Now I know better! I have found that by cutting out wheat, I feel much better. Bread, cookies and cake just bloat me up and make me feel sick. I can't eat pretzels any more either. IBS is a motility problem - your colon is not damaged, it's just that it has trouble getting your food from one place to another. Stress (good or bad stress) doesn't help either. Try to eat smaller meals throughout the day - not the typical 3 big ones. Eat slowly and also be sure to get enough fiber in your diet to keep things moving.

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    I answered many of your older posts on the rib pain~ I still have mine,left sided mostly,and still in full force!!
    Sorry yours is still troubling you too~ :(
    If you can recall....I did mention IBS to you.And YES it can be that bad!!! I went thru hell and still do,trying to find out all the food culprits!!certain things bring on these attacks!! I had one bout of this pain all last week!!!It made me fear even eating,because I knew if my colon stayed empty,maybe I'd be safe!!?not a fun way to hafta live~ My gasterontologist tryed me on some kind of antispasmotic medication,I forget what it was called but it did'nt help me at all. I've asked for something for the severe cramping with bowel movements.....I have'nt had any luck receiving.I did give up dairy,I think i need to do away with the wheat like others have said here too.All the nightshades bother me too....they are green peppers,potatoes,onions. There are soooooo many foods that aggravate this IBS!!gravies,mayo are bad!!
    When I was first being tested for my symptoms,I read all about the possibles-diverticulitis,crohns,IBS,etc....
    I thought for sure that I had one of the more serious ones because medical literature sure does'nt tell the severity of living with IBS.(to me they make it sound tolerable)It is'nt or has'nt been for me!!! I get the real noisy grumbling too......I can acually FEEL my food moving down thru my system(with severe cramps).Not to be gross but,here goes it!When I get these pains.....I have a very urgent need to get to the bathroom!!like now!! food goes thru me sooooooo fast!! Sometimes its explosive diareah!!meaning it comes out very fast&with force!
    hope i've helped some....and stay in touch ok.
    (btw,my pain goes into my back area too)and alot of gas.
    My kids are forever saying to me,"wow mom,you must be hungry". My stomach is noisy even when i'm not hungry.
    They can hear it just sitting next to me!!Any questions just ask~
    Take care.....
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    Thanks again for all the input. I was overwhelmed to see how common my pain and distress is. I never knew that IBS could be so painful and daily. I will be seeing a IBS doctor on June 17 and I am anxious to see what he says. I have been worrying about this so much for 1 year and it hasn't seemed to go away and I can't function like this. It hurts too much. I can be o.k. for a few hours and then it hits me like crazy. Tandy, it was nice hearing from you again. I didn't realize yours was this bad as well. Do you ever have this daily for weeks on end and do you get constipation at all? I need to get a pelvic ultrasound as well, just to make sure it's not my ovaries or uterus. Although, my cylces are very good with no change in blood flow. So, I hope it's nothing more serious than IBS and maybe I can learn to avoid foods and stress. You all have been so kind on this board and I look forward to chatting with you again. God bless you all...Tes..

    Another question.....Does weather change affect anyone's IBS? Because I notice it gets worse when it's going to rain or when it becomes cooler out. Just thought I'd ask....
  13. tandy

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    Good luck with seeing the IBS dortor next month!! I wish i could get better help~let me know if you should get anything that works for relief!I was put on daily metamucil.....that would be the fiber added.Some of those powdered drink mixes can cause more gas at first until your body adjusts to the added fiber.So at first take less than your Dr even recommends~ And yes,I get constipation too. I can be in the bathroom for that-and an hour later for diareah!! The extremes are crazy!
    Sometimes i've had a little help from an antigas tablets sold anywhere.The ingredient you want is the Simethicone.It helps to break down the gas in the colon and intestines. I can't even touch cabbage,broccoli and beans!! I have it to some degree almost every day!!! and can last for weeks on end,then all of the sudden ya feel OK so you start thinking you can eat like a normal person again(within reason~)and all of a sudden your slapped in the face with the same ole pain!! I never noticed if I get worse with weather changes.....Probably so!!I know my FM gets worse,and fatique....which seems to get other ailments going too!Its a visious cycle that i've been trying to figure out for at least 3years! my dr. said that I should have some allergy tests done too.I guess alot of this IBS is due to food intolerances??
    I have'nt agreed to any further testing.I guess i'm just sooooooo sick of all the tests!!!as you would know,none of them are any fun!! For me Tes,when I get these bad times with the IBS flares,I eat very small amounts of food.And easy on the belly foods`like applesauce,oatmeal,lightly buttered toast,etc.
    I hurt i've been eating light....AGAIN! you'd think i'd be underweight!!!I'm not.I guess i'm on the thin side but not skinny! All these DD bite!! I wish I were 20 again!! Keep us posted on your appointment would ya?
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    There is something my doc gave me for the ab. pain that got so bad I'd be doubled over. I'll check for it tomorrow & post the name for you so you can suggest it to your docs. But, be warned, taken too many days in a row can cause SEVERE constipation. I had to learn this the hard way (no pun intended)lol

    Tandy I can relate what you were saying about diaherria sp? being explosive & with force. Same thing happened to me. After I got settled down, my doc put me on 5 mg. (1/2 pill) of Paxil/day & I very rarely have a problem anymore.

    Also can relate to the diaherria in the morning & constipated in the afternoon. My hubby is the most regular person in the world. When he had back surgery last year his pain meds made him constipated. Man, oh man, you'd have thought the world was coming to an end. I had to make 2 trips to the pharmacy for him in 1 day! Men - what babies! Sorry guys!

    I'll write myself a note to check the name of that med. tomorrow.

    Take care.......Kathi
  15. tes

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    It's been nice chatting with you again. Another question for you have a hard time with salads and chocolate??? I have been eating alot of both lately and I am wondering if this could be causing all the constant pain and gas. We are having such a scare here in Toronto with SARS. We have had a relapse again. I wish this would just go away. Anyhow, I am going to bed now, and I will look for your post tommorrow. Let me know what other foods bug you. Have you ever had a HIDA scan for gallbladder. Talk to you tommorrow. Gentle hugs....Tes
  16. SheriAL

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    When I first got sick with Fibro and cfids , I went and had the gastro specialist put me to sleep and do the test ..He said to me, you have irritable bowell illness..Nothing wrong that I can see. Well I was furious..How could he be so nonchalant about what I was experiencing..
    Then because they did not give me the antimedic to prevent nausea with the demoral they put me out with, I threw up for 4 hours on the way home from the hospital...

    IBS can double you up in pain, it can hurt your pelvic area, your bladder area and more..It can bloat you, cause constipation or the other, and make you so nauseated..

    My suggestion is to get off bread, which creates more yeast, get off sweets, more yeast, leave off all diary products, milk, cheese, icecream
    and try to eat more meats and green vegetables..

    I lost weight as I could not eat, I was skeleton thin from having IBS. IBS can cause panic attacks too and dizziness, vertigo...and so much more..

    Please get it diagnosed and then take care of your body as best you can...Best wishes to you
    Sheri in AL
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    I had gall bladder problems for two years and it went undiagnosed even with an ultrasound. What really put me over the top was my doctor prescribed morphine, which is contra-indicated with gall bladder, it makes the gall bladder spasm even more. My doctor instead of taking this as an indication, just labeled me a drug seeker and said I just wanted oxycontin (only reason I knew of oxycontin it that the rheumy I was referred to recommended I take it). Anyway, my life is so much better since having my gall bladder out. I'm glad I finally got diagnosed.
  18. tandy

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    Same has been nice hearing from you again!!!
    (and thanks!) Oh yes!! the chocolate is a NO-no,and I do get worse with salads too. I think the chocolate is worse on me??(does'nt it figure!!LOL I love brownies,warm from the oven!!)I love my salads too.....funny thou,I only crave them in the warmer months!I'm thinking its the lettuce or Rommaine?? I don't know but I love I indulge once in a while.....and pay later~ I've learned to cheat by eating a tiny bit,then my body can handle it~If I eat even a normal serving,its too much!!!really stinks!! I feel deprived!!LOL All cheeses hurt me bad!even filled with ricotta ravioli!!(love those too!)
    Coffee stimulates my colon too much......butI love coffee too,so I have 1-2 small cups a day~I use to drink 5 a day!(so i'm getting better :)
    I think alot of people think IBS is'nt no big deal,but for alot of us its a nightmare really! If mine is acting up bad(quite often)I can't even leave the house.I don't dare too.Because when I need to go......I have to act fast!
    Hope you get some answers soon from your dr. Let me know if anything else helps this condition.
    I take it that IBS is what you were told you had?
    Oh!I almost forgot!yes I did have a hida scan.Mine was working effectively.(of course)
    Gotta little one has a eye exam today.
    And for Kathi.......try to post the name of that med. I could mention it to my gastero.dr. Thanks!!
    Take care all&Tes~ (That Sars crap IS scary! I'm afraid here too.And we don't even have any cases....not that i'm aware of anyways!I heard those medical masks don't even help~??) I'm winded now!!lol
    ((warm hugs)),

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    Sorry it's so late till I got to this. I had quite a busy weekend & today I was whipped. Worked this morning & slept pretty much the rest of the day. Did manage to get dinner ready & hubby did the clean up.

    The name of the med for ab. cramping is Pamine 2.5mg. I was to take 1 4x/day but as I stated before too many days in a row & MAJOR constipation. It does a great job on the cramping. Now if I take it, I also take a dose of citracel with it!

    My gastro doc's nurse (his wife) searched the med. books to find me something that would not make me drowsey as I can't take anything like that & drive school bus. She really went above & beyond to find this med. This was 2 yrs. ago. At the time it was fairly new & not many of my other docs had even heard of it.

    Hope you can use the info. & good luck.

    Take care......Kathi
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    How are you doing? I was o.k. until I decided to make fajitas and fries for dinner...boy was that a mistake. My waistline and ribs are killing me. Sometimes I still wonder if it is my gallbladder, but I have done the ultrasound and HIDA scan. Do you know of any other tests to check the gallbladder. I've been told that the HIDA scan is the best. Do you feel worse with your ibs when you are waiting for your period? I am so sick of this. I get so constipated and the trapped gas just kills me. Please let me know of any suggestions to deal with this(if this is what I have???). Do you deal with this daily? Do you constipate? I rarely have diarreha...sometimes I wish I did. Does your right side hurt as well? Anyhow, I am going to try and sleep this off, as it has gotten the best of me tonight. I will check back in the morning.