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    It seems everything happens at once. The past two or three weeks have been terrible for me as far as pain and stiffness. And it seems that more and more stress is being thrown at me which you all know just makes that worse. Please pray for our son, Matt, we call him Big Matt because he is 6'5" and weighs about 250, also we call him that because our son in laws name is Matt also. Anyway, when he called night before last, he had sat down with his boss and had a long, long, talk and agreed with each other to lay B. Matt off. They had moved him to second shift to train a new parts guy. He was supposed to go back to days after that. The boss would put him back on days for 2 0r 3 days and then tell him that he had to go back on nights for a while. He had also promised Matt 2 raises he never got. Two of the members of management at other branches of the company had called and offered Matt a transfer which would have meant moving further away from Jakob, his son. I think I've mentioned before that he and his wife divorced in August.(She remarried in Oct.?) Anyway, the boss admitted to Matt that he had blocked all the transfer offers because he didn't want Matt to leave. Matt has wanted to finish his college hours in a field about computers, (debugging, programming,formating and repair) which is his 'goal'. He decided that it was time for him to get back into school and get his degree. He felt like he would never advance anymore where he was.
    My first concern is that he is going to be working as doorman/bouncer at a private club at the Holiday Inn where he lives. He also told me today that he has another doorman/bouncer offer at another private club there. He's hoping he can work both and get back to school. Big Matt wasn't raised to go to or work at those kind of places. I worry about him being hurt while working. He says that the 2 places are the ones where the more affluent people go, so there isn't as much danger. I also am concerned about his getting to have Jakob very often. Right now they share custody, even though Jakob begs to stay with Matt. I'm sure he will look to us to get Jakob a lot of Friday nights so that he can spend Saturday with him, work Saturday night and spend Sunday with Jakob. I love my grandson and my son but it is going to be hard after working all week to have to drive about 70 miles to get Jakob and come back home. Matt had hoped to get Jakob full time when he starts to Kindergarten, he's 3 now. Matt says he would have a better chance getting custody of him if he had finished his degree and is making more money.
    I know that God will take care of Matt physically and spiritually. I just catch myself trying to "help" God and I know He needs no help. I know He knows what is best and will answer prayers. Please pray that Big Matt can get back into school, and maybe find a better job where he can go to classes and work. Also pray that God will bring B. Matt back to him and that he would be regular in church and bring Jakob up in church. Also please pray a hedge of protection around him when he is working at those places.
    I maybe overreacting and being a worrying mom but I can't seem to keep from it. Pray that I can also turn a lose and let God work without trying to help.
    Thanks so much for all your prayers and the letters of encouragement to other posts I've made.

    P.S. Baby Katherine is a little better. They were supposed to go to a pediatric asthma specialist yesterday but the roads were too icy to make the 30 mile trip. They rescheduled for next Tuesday. We are praying that this Dr. can find the problem.
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    Good morning Revella; I just wanted to say I am praying for you..I have been facing some health issues here in my home with my son, so I have not been visiting the sites as often as I would normally. It sounds as though things are pileing up on your plate. I will lift you up and your family needs.Has your son begun the job yet? I will ask the Lord to touch you with His peace and love. May God watch you and keep you. In Christ..BARBARA
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    Hello Revella,

    MY name is Jenny, I want to thank you for the post to Timmycat. That is so true and such an encouragement to me. Know that I will be praying for you and your family. My husband is also preparing to become a minister. We will be praying for you, your husband, your son and grandson as well. God bless you,

    IN Christ,
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    He will find work that will allow him to go to school.
    I do believe. Let go and let GOD. I'm also saying prayers that baby K. continues to get better.
    In Prayer, Selma