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Discussion in 'Caregivers' started by kid4ever, Feb 4, 2002.

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    my best friend/housemate just got diagnosed w/cfs and i'm a bit overwhelmed. she needs to be off, don't know about disability benefits through her work, i'm picking up more of house payments as disability if any will be small, i'm doing more household stuff and trying to take care of her - she was in so much pain yesterday I had to hand feed her. i'm wondering if she can use long term care benefits. i just want to make her better but can't - feeling helpless/frustrated/anxious/scared. thanks for listening
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    I'm very sorry to hear about your friend. I imagine she is very upset as well. How long has she been feeling like she was sick? I think the best thing you can do to help is just to be there for her.

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    hi brad - thanks for responding. my friend had a cfs incident about 10 years ago and was in bed for about a year or more and then found some things that worked and kept her going. Guess those things dont work anymore cuz she's back to being pretty much bed-ridden. it's been getting worse since about June of last year and she's just been trying to hang on (cuz no insurance, fear, refusal to admit to disability, etc) but now she just cant. We didn't have the resources or know how 10 years ago to get a diagnosis but we were able to find a MD this time around - of course her HMO won't pay for it so it's coming out of pocket but at least she has an excuse for work and now we're trying to apply for disability and home health care.
    her family doesn't get it - think she's hypochondriac so they are no help and now she doesn't want to tell them she's staying home from work. she's in so much pain. she's trying
    Co-q10 and magnesium and enada (NADH) and doctor gave her some klonipin to help sleep - very low dose - she's afraid to take klonipin - anybody know about this drug and side effects? has it helped anyone? MD feels if she can get to a deep sleep, she may feel better. his theory is that cfs sufferers cant get to that 4th level deep sleep and thus their body never gets a true rest.

    i'm not going anywhere - she's got me as a friend for life - i've worked in home health before, i'm a social worker - i know it'll be a tough road for both of us but we'll make it -especially with great support like from this website and others.

    thanks for listening
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    I can call you that because I am probably old enough to be your mother or at least an older sister.
    For what drugs might help. Go to the fibro board and read Jackie Fontes posts and post questions there. Jackie is really well equipped with web sites to look for and her main stay statement is educate yourself.
    I have had fibro my entire life. Born with it. Developed cfs when pregnant 25 years ago. I don't take drugs for either but I am going to have to start some sort of help as I am getting worse.
    One thing I do that helps with energy is Accupuncture. And ginseng is really good as well.
    take care and your best help is just being there. I have been married for 26 years and I must say I could not have made it without Don.
    mom lynda