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    I have Addisons disease, fibromyalgia is very severe (17 YRS after glandular fever, barvon forest, ross river) - Im on MS Contin for the pain and that barely touches it, no other pain killers that we have here in Australia help at all, chronic fatigue syndrome, very bad mcs SO BAD Im living in a car, I cant go inside for long at all if there is paint on the walls or carpet on the floors, hypochlordia, hypokalemia, copper and other metal poisoning, severe allergies and asthma, COPD, celiac. Brain scan shows very calcified arteries for my age (49 yo), small tumor. My cortisol is nil as all sex hormones.

    What should I concentrate on? The hair analysis shows enormously high levels of copper, ca, mg, boron manganese etc etc. Im trying to get the copper out which I understand keeps the adrenals drained. and irritatethe nerves. Trying to get the ca out as I understand that causes a lot of pain. Who cares about the heart attack it might lead me to or stroke. I cant find a doctor who is interested in whether the tumor could be playing any part or should I be worrying about building my immune system back up?

    And the addisons is bad - register a nil morning cortisol. Im on 37.5mg a day cortate, any less and Im dead. Im very allergic to salicylates so I dont want all the stuff people take to revitalise their adrenals unless you think the extracts might be worth trying.

    HELP! I cant live in a car for the rest of my life. Or be in this much pain.


    Your situation is unfortunate, indeed; however, there are things that you can do to improve your situation, but you do require professional help as well. First, you have to consider removing the heavy metals from your body, and that will take time. The Institute for Molecular Medicine has found that many chronic illness patients have heavy metal contamination that must be considered in any treatment scheme. Dialysis is expensive, so I recommend over-the-counter products instead. Non-invasive treatments to remove heavy metals include oral products, trans-dermal patches and anal suppositories containing chelating agents. We use Detoxamin EDTA suppositories in our clinical trials. You can read about clinical trials on this on our website,, under Treatment Considerations, Publications. We have found that using this product calcifications can be slowly removed from organs and vessels, but the process takes time.

    Next, you will have to remove yourself from chemical contamination and find a way to rid your body from chemicals. Dry saunas are an inexpensive help to rid the system of chemicals Saunas should be taken daily or 3 sessions per week, but this will require access to a sauna.

    You will also require a endocrinologist or physician to adjust your hormonal levels so that you can control some of your symptoms. You really can’t do this yourself.

    There may be some over-the-counter remedies that could prove helpful for your condition, and you should look into this, but it will take time and some experimentation.

    Finally, it is also likely that you have one or more likely multiple infections that will have to be identified and treated.

    Only after all of the above is taken into consideration should you expect to see some daylight for your condition. I realize that it may seem to complex to be useful to you, but your illness appears to be very complex, similar to many other patients.

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