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    I'm an avid exercise fan and vegetable junkie. Pre-fbro, about 8 yrs ago I had little trouble taking off weight when I set my mind to it. I have gained 40 lbs over the last several years since being sick. I attribute some of it to antidepressants which I have been off of for three months.
    Never the less I have had a heck of a time with my weight. Yesterday I read a diet article about a woman who weighed 182. 10 lbs less than me. She proceeded to discribe her diet. Donuts, icecream, fast food candy etc.. She changed her eating plan to protiens, fruits and vegies, added three workouts a week, and took off 65 lbs in a year. I've been doing what she does (and some) for 14 years and my weight is climbing, gradually but consistantly.Any time I talk to a doctor about this they automatically assume that I eat like a pig and lay around all day, they offer nutrition and work out tips (like I don't know) I've been tested for thyroid too many times. Its frustrating. Does any one relate. I recently came across 2 weight loss plans that look promising. One is the fat flush plan and the other is a product called pentabosol. Anyone have experience with either or anything else that can help someone who is doing everything right with the wrong results??
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    I could have written your post!!! Your history is my history, your complaints are my complaints, your weight is even the same,within a couple of lbs.
    I have one thing to say: HIGH PROTEIN/LOW CARB.
    If you do a search of previous posts here (front Mess. Brd. page at he top) you will find many posts about how this type of eating has helped us. I have been doing it for 3 months now and have lost 20 lbs. so far without being hungry. My cravings for carbs have eased, and I feel more energetic. My nail fungus is all gone.
    I use the Metabolic Typing Diet, which I feel is far superior to the others, in that it is completely individualized (based on a 65 question test) and not usually as extreme as Atkins or Somers. There are people here on both Atkins and Somers who can advise you about those. As far as I know, I am the only one on Metabolic Typing. You can get the book "The Metabolic Typing Diet" if interested in the concepts.
    I have exercised all of my life, and am familiar with the looks I get from docs when I tell them that....they take one look and don't believe me.
    I empathize with you and wish you much success,
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    I know that gaining weight is nothing to laugh at, but I just couldn't resist. Seriously though, I can understand where you are coming from. Stay away from diet products! At some level it just can't be good for you (the recent ephedrin scare for instance). While I don't have much unwanted weight, I am aware that my eating habits haven't been that great especially during the holidays. I am only 4'11" and a few extra cookies go straight to the ole hips. I think that good old fashioned healthier eating and a regular exercise routine at least 3 days a week (I try to get in 5) is the safest method to lose unwanted pounds. I just follow the "pyramid" and drink plenty of water during the day. You also have to set a realistic goal for yourself. Sure I would like to get to a specific weight, but I know it is not realistic nor healthy.

    I hope you find what works for you. Here's to a lighter new year. Lisa
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    My thoughts. Drink a glass of water when you're hungry. Then eat. If you can't do that for some reason, drink when you're Partially full and stop eatimg. It takes @ 20 min. to feel something like full. Skinny people stop eating before they feel full. Hope it helps.
    Love Selma
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    I Do understand. I really hear what you are saying. I'm not sure everyone does. People who have not been through this just don't get it.
    I exercise already, six days per week,just like you.
    I drink water...over a gallon a day.
    I never eat until I'm full, or even close.
    The food pyramid does not work. If it did, I'd be skinny.
    I eat less and exercise more than ANYONE I know, skinny or otherwise.
    Only getting the carbs out of my life has helped. Most FMS folks do not handle carbs properly (read Dr. Starlanyl's books), and we are more susceptible to yeasts , as well.
    I wish the others who know what I'm saying were here to help me out, but I guess they are not. I know Mikie is gone. Marilyn, are you here? Both of them would confirm what I'm saying.
    I'm out of here now, as I'm starting to get ticked off.
    Hugs to you, CMurray,
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    Amitriptiline and Prednisone are a few of the drugs that can cause weight gain. I quit Amitriptiline because of it. I'd discuss this with your doctor and ask if any of the drugs you are taking are known to cause weight gain, and if so, would he be willing to prescribe another drug instead.

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    I hear what you are saying, my husband could have written what you did.

    He is a big water drinker, never eats till he is full, his job is so strenuous that you would think he would be as thin as a rail, but he is overweight. He has the worst time losing weight.

    He is running up three flights of stairs daily, the barge he is on is the size of a football field and a half, he is walking that distance, using those stairs, and they work 12 hour shifts,24/7, he also exercises.

    He did lose the 40lbs with the Sumer's diet, and that was the only time he lost so much, he was also taking 'Chitosan'. He still has another 40 to go.

    He got off the diet for two months, but did not gain the weight back, but didn't lose anymore either.

    He gave up the sodas, milk, ice cream, cookies, and sugar. He did not realize that he drank so much coffee a day, it was not the coffee, but he put two spoons of sugar in it, he added up how much sugar he was consuming, and just quit putting sugar in the coffee and drinks it black now, he also cut the coffee back , and less of it.

    I don't know what it is, but that is how some peoples bodies work I guess.

    I know how hard it is just listening to him.

    Shalom, Shirl

  9. pam_d

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    I don't think our metabolisms function normally, like so many other things in our bodies are abnormal with this illness. I'm not sure the things that work effectively for "normal" folks work for us.

    Do try drinking plenty of water, much more than you do now. I've had a few pounds to lose (I'm about 2/3 way to my goal) and I believe guzzling water all day has definitely helped.

    I've always suspected thyroid plays into my health issues (not so much weight, but the fact that I'm always freezing) but I've been tested several times, most recently with several really specific tests---all negative! It's frustrating, I know...

    One thing I try to remember is that if it took years for me to gain the weight, it isn't coming off overnight ....I try to be patient with it. And try to eat healthy, rather than "weight-loss plans".

    Good luck, I hope you have some success, I know it can be discouraging.

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    I started taking the Apple Cider Vinegar tablets and it started and is still working for me. The good things are they are not expensive, always on sale at some drug store, and are not a prescription so they don't harm with all the meds we are taking.
    Nothing to lose except the pounds right?..........basket21
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    I put on 40 pounds from the medications I was given before this was diagnosed. The fact that I was bedridden for five days at a time wasn't helping either.

    I have lost 24 pounds on the Somers diet. I always thought I ate pretty healthy until going on the Somers diet. I have given up everything made with flour, all forms of sugar, white rice, high-starch veggies, and high-glycemic-index fruit. There are a lot of carbs which are hidden. According to the book, anyone overweight has insulin resistance. This means that our bodies overreact to carbs and that our bodies no longer react to the huge amounts of insulin which carbs release in our bodies.

    Once I attain my target weight, I can add back in a few complex carbs. I get to eat so much fat that I am satisfied and do not miss the carbs. BTW, my blood pressure went from high/normal to low/normal withing 8 days on the diet. When I had my labs done last month, my cholesterol had dropped 25 points to 166 and all my lipids were normal again.

    Many of us are living proof that it's the carbs which are so harmful for us and that by going on a low-carb, high-protein diet, we can lose weight and improve our health.

    Love, Mikie
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    Some great advise on the posts , but I've got another approach to it:
    I've about given up on diets. Sure, I watch my weight, etc, but haven't cut anything out yet. I guess I'm just happy being me. Not all of us are cut out to be thin, so something to be said for self acceptance. This is not an excuse for being fat - I'm not, just that nasty 20# overweight!
    Anyway, maybe self acceptance is the first step.
    Good luck