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    I do not post very often but I try to visit the message boards every day. They are a good source of support and knowledge for me.

    Well, today is different. I also suffer from FM. I've learned how to live with the pain, memory loss, blurry vision, bloating, etc.

    Now something else is happening. About 2 weeks ago, I had some dizziness...more lighted than usual. So, I just laid in bed all day...knowing it was going to go away. I got up about 2pm and whoa...very dizzy, everything got blurry, felt as though I was going to pass out. Called PCP, I went to see her. My blood pressure was 160 over 110. Never had this problem. I was given blood pressure medicine to take for a few days. Several days later, I checked blood pressure was normal. I stopped taking pills.

    About 2 nights ago, I got up to go to the bathroom, the same thing happened, only worse.Really had trouble getting my breath. My blood pressure was 95 over 59.

    Went to see dr. yesterday. She said that was probably due to FM and dismissed it. Is this true?

    I feel as though something else is going on. Any suggestions?

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    Honey, if your blood pressure goes too high, you are at risk of stroke, heart attack, etc...
    The next time that happens, please, please, please go to the ER!!!
    That is not something to dismiss!!!

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    i too get really dizzy it can last hours i somtimes loose my balance alot .it is fm ive suffered with it for over 2 yrs nows and had loads of test, when this happens to me i breath into a paper bag try it it works for me,leave loads of little brown bags around so youve always got one to hand
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    don't let your dr. dismiss as FM if this keeps happening. It sounds like something else is going on.

    I looked at your bio to see how old you were, but saw that you had not completed it yet.

    Along with your blood pressure, the dizziness could be caused from an ear problem. Having a hard time breathing could be from your heart. Women at all ages have a lot of heart problems, I know because I do.

    My heart problems started at around age 40. The dizziness and hard time breathing, ESPECIALLY at night is a symptom of congestive heart failure--even if it's mild. The breathing problem happens at night because you are lying flat in bed and your heart can't pump as well -- I can't explain it medically correct, but I was hospitalized for congestive heart failure (CHF) last summer. I went to the ER because of feeling rather poorly and my feet had been swelling. I was completely flabergasted when the ER doc said I had CHF. He explained how most of the symptoms present themselves at night.

    Please press your doctor to give you some tests to further investigate your problems if they continue. Don't let her dismiss you. You are the customer and she is there to serve your needs -- if you have insurance to cover the costs of the testing, or have a means to pay for them, please make another appointment soon and insist that she re-evaluate your condition.