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  1. wolfspirit

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    hi i know it has been sometime since i have posted but sooo much is going on now that i dont have the time trying to get back to my i am moving to NJ end of may :and im driving there from NC :(:
    im not going to have insurance and not sure of what to do..i first need to find doc and my doc here doesnt want me to work but i dont have a choice...going back to school meds and son i need money and of course t is sooo hard to get help state wise there they dont even allow adults on medicaid anymore tired scared and worried all rolled up in one...not sure where to turn i have a good doc here but i will have to leave him behind i mean i cant pack him upand bring him with me lol....what to do...
    1: docs in NJ
    2: insurance
    im not going to know anyone except parents...good grief lol
    thanks in advance
  2. Shirl

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    Glad to see you posting again, but sure can't help with all those problems you are facing. Unless you want prayer, I can't begin to help!

    It is great that your parents are waiting for you, that is a big plus. Hopefully you will be staying with them untill you get your life in order.

    I know we have quite a few members from Jersey, and I am sure they will be able to help with a doctor, and maybe some of those other things you mentioned.

    Again,welcome back and let us know how you and your son are doing.

    Shalom, Shirl
  3. wolfspirit

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    thanks Shirl could always use prayer..wolfie
  4. chewie

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    Hi Wolfie, I moved to Texas in Nov. and then back to Cal. WHAT an experience that was! I found a site on the web that helped me Very much with packing ect. I moved from a 4 bedroom with a attached 3 room apt. 2100 sg ft total. It really help me out considerably. E mail me back for info. on site.
    SOFT HUGS Joyce