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    This morning I stepped on the scale and even though I've really been watching what I eat, I STILL haven't lost any weight!!!! I'm thinking it's because of the Effexor I take (225 mg./day). But what if I stop and get depressed again? It's happened before and I'm scared of getting depressed. I'm damned if I do, and damned if I don't. Should I try to stop and see what happens? I have a feeling I do have low seratonin and need the stuff, but how can I get it without taking prescription drugs? I tried St. John's Wort and it did absolutely nothing for me! What else is there? I'm really scared but am desperate to lose weight!!!!!

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    ...and so far it's been good. I've done a lot of research on antidepressants and it seems like the best as far as side effects such as weight gain. BUT TALK TO YOUR DOCTOR! Unless he's (or she's) a vet because they're the only ones that can work with their patients without talking to them.

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    Have you been given a "name" for the type of depression you experience?

    I know "the books" state that SSRI's work no better/worse than the tricyclics (which also vary greatly from one to another) but are very reluctant to prescribe them at therapeutic doses...

    Depression is a horrid experience whether situational or clinical or both. I take many meds (compared to a healthy 53 yr old) and when any change is made now, I confer with my pharmacist as to the shimmy.

    I got a notion here lately I had licked the depression (right, had it since age 13) and my prob. was more anxiety oriented so I went off Celexa (which was the only one I could take that did not interfere with my meds); well, after two weeks I was having crying spells which were worsening by the day. Well, since the xanax and deseryl were not effective, I temp. went back to celexa and now I am more manageable. However, I will let the doc decide my pharmacology when I go in for my "bloods".

    Funny, even with the Celexa I have some return of the Tardive's Dystonia, a rare side effect for anti-depressants.

    I really need to see what is new out there. I stay on the search for something to alleviate the symptoms so keep us posted. CactusLil'
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    Hi Annette2,
    Have you tried Wellbutrin yet? I was on Prozac for years and had become an "it" - bloated, overweight, a sexual eunich, and emotionless. With my marriage in trouble, my gyn recommended switching to Wellbutrin. I took 150 mg twice daily and had complete reversal of symptoms within 4 months. In fact, I was underweight! The only problems I noticed was that it hyped me up and interfered with my sleep, which with FM can be detrimental! To counteract that, I took the lowest dose of Xanax right before going to bed. I also noticed that my blood sugar would sometimes crash to the point where I would feel REALLY awful until I ate something. Some of that was probably due to lack of appetite and not eating enough for the increase in energy it gave me. On the other hand, having enough energy to be active can be very beneficial for FM provided you don't overdo it.

    Hope this helps. Good luck!
    JAMR11 (also an Annette)
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    I have found that Atkins always makes me lose, no matter what medications I'm on.

    Have you considered low-carbing it for a bit to see if that helps?
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    I agree with everyone else about not going off your antidepressant medicine. THat won't help the situation get better.

    But, you can ask your Dr. if you can take a green tea extract (pill form) - I get mine from the VItamin Shoppe and I also take 400mg of Chromium Picolante from Safeway -which is a grocery store in my area.

    I was trying to get some energy and I read about the Green Tea. I had already been taking the CHromium and then when I added the green tea, I started losing weight. I am trying to get pregnant and wanted to get back to my original weight before I had neck surgery. I lost 13 pounds and don't crave the junkfood anymore! It may not work for everyone but it is just a suggestion and something that worked for me. I am 35 years old and my metabolism has slowed down soooo much and this helps speed it up without any side effects that I can tell. I had tried Ginseng and Guarana before but it sent me straight to the Dr.s with irregular heartbeats and such.

    But, make sure if you want to try this to talk with your Dr. first. Even vitamins and herbs react to prescription meds.

    Take care
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    Bfore Effexor, living with my husband, well he had everyone walking on egg shells while he was home. He had no idea of how his mood rubbed off on the rest of the people in the house. Finally, he got on Effexor. Now I have a stranger living with me. He is nice, wants to chat, helps me with things, he is a complete stranger! I love the stuff. I always knew he was a good person. He has not gained an ounce and could use it. If you can tell it makes you feel better stay with it. Others will thank you for taking it.
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    I was on antidepressants for about 4 years BEFORE my FMS diagnosis. The docs gave me these drugs because they all thought I was just depressed. These drugs put my FMS over the edge, I gained a ton of weight, 100 pounds, NOW I WAS DEPRESSED.

    I think the serotonin theory has been abused. Did your doctor give you a test that shows you have low serotonin, or did he just SAY that you do? Another member posted to you that you shouldn't go off these drugs without the doctors help, she's right. Try to wean off of it slowly, if you want to get off of it. When I got off these drugs, it was the best thing I ever did, except I had HORRIBLE withdrawal problems. I didn't feel depressed, I felt relieved. I was finally in control of my body and I lost the weight, but it was difficult. I know depression is high among FMS people, but I have always felt that the FMS needs to be treated, not just the symptom of depression because of FMS. Sounds easy and I know it's not. Hoping the best for you, Hugs Chelz.
  9. Kim

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    If the weight gain is your only problem with Effexor, maybe your doctor could add a small amount of Wellbutrin (this is common) and it would stop and even reverse the weight gain. The trick would be to only add enough to decrease your appetite and energize you enough to deal with the weight. Wellbutrin primarily acts on dopamine but it also has a mild effect on seratonin and noradrenaline.

    I don't know if your doctor is into alternatives or not but adding 5HTP and reducing, not eliminating the Effexor might help. 5HTP can reduce carb cravings.

    Be careful of diets that drastically reduce carbs. I was a big fan of Atkins and even lost weight (I only needed to drop 5 pounds) on it. I found that I needed more healthy carbs (fruit, more veggies) than Atkins allowed. My mood went down with low carbs. The carb thing is tricky....different for everyone but especially tricky to someone who has low seratonin.

    Annette, just remember that clinical depression is a serious illness and not the same as "feeling down" or the "depressed feeling" that comes with this illness. Work with your doctor.

    Best wishes,

  10. Shirl

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    You received a wealth of information, just stopped to tell you 'again' to be sure you talk this over with your doctor before you go off this med.

    Also talk to the pharmacist, he is your best source of information on what different meds can and cannot do for or too you.

    Do not try this on your own. It could be very dangerous.

    TAke care, and be sure to let us know how you are doing.

    Shalom, Shirl
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    Thanks for all your help! Let me explain a few things. I have suffered from depression for at least 30 years or more. I've tried many, many different antidepressants! Effexor works very well for me! I am not clinically depressed right now. I was last year and that's when I got on the Effexor. I think I'm depressed (or just down) right now because I can't seem to lose weight. That's why I thought I might go off of Effexor. I wouldn't do that without checking with my doctor. I just don't know what to do. I try to eat right - low carbs and more protein - no sugar - it's just not working. I can't lose a pound! I thought the pounds would start rolling off. Nothing!!!! I can't starve because I have low blood sugar and I'd get sick as a dog if I did that. I also recently went off the estrogen patch because I don't want to take estrogen any more. Since I haven't lost any weight at least I know estrogen wasn't keeping my weight up! I just feel so bad about the weight. I'm at least 40 lbs. overweight and need to lose. And today I have some sort of allergy in my eyes - they are all red and hurt. My friend thinks it might be pink eye, but I think it's allergies. First one thing, then another. Plus I'm exhausted! I have my sleep study on Friday. I know this isn't life or death, but I feel like crap! Thanks for "listening". I wish I could stay home from work tomorrow but I can't - I have too much to do. I'm so glad we have a 3-day weekend coming up!

  12. wineToU2

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    Have you tried 5-HTP?? I take l mg for 10 lbs (depending on how much you weigh) and then work up from there because of side effects. Food cravings will go away and you feel so much better!! Plus you do not need a prescription. I have tried all the anti-depressants that will make you more depressed because of weight gain. 5-HTP is the only thing that has helped but I have to divide up the pill because of side effects (fatigue for me) Good luck to you!! Plus try lemon with water, 30 minutes before eating a meal. This helps absorb B-vitamins.
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    I feel for you! I, too, wanted to be off the anti-d's! I tried going off Prozac and using St. John's. Like you, it did absolutely nothing. That's when I started the Wellbutrin.

    A couple of months ago, I decided I wanted to get off the Wellbutrin, even though I was doing well. I tried the nutritional supplement "SAM-e" available at Costco and drugstores. It's used extensively in other countries for mood elevation and has clinical studies backing it. Without a doubt, it gives you a feeling of well-being and more level emotions. But the depression came back after a month, along with extreme anxiety and FM symptoms. I then tried "Lexapro" but went off of it after less than a week. It made me feel so tired and zoned out! So now I'm on a reduced doseage of Wellbutrin (100MG/day) and doing well once again.

    One thing's for sure; you need to consult with your doctor and make sure he/she understands what you're going through. If the Effexor is contributing to your weight gain (one of its side effects) which in turn is causing more depression, it's defeating the purpose of being on an anti-d. It really sounds like you may need to change meds!