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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rubies, Jan 7, 2003.

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    Hi - new to web, met very nice people last night on chat. I am in constant pain and my dr. doesn't believe in pain meds. I don't care anymore, want it to stop - have tried the usual ultram, etc. Does anyone know of a good Dr. in Mpls. MN that understands and can help? Thanks in advance.
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    hi rubies..i live in mpls too and neither of the two docs ive seen have given me anything ..they dont believe in pain meds either and the first one who diagnosed me finallly gave in to 6 ultram a month and well it soesnt so frustrated..ive put this post on before and noone seemed to know any...:( if you find one could you let me know and ill do the same...i have healthpartners i saw a doc in a pain clinic in edina and gee guess what he wants to do..physical therapy.. thats fine and great but i need pain meds bad and he did trigger point injections in my upper back...which isnt even where my main problems are...arghhh.. oh well maybe we could search together. i hope someone here will reply and know someone...the doctor that i just switched to i found on the web and he isnt even anything to speak about...oh well ..ill keep bumping this one up too...
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    I, too, live in Minneapolis. I came out of GYN surgery in 1998 with spinal disc injuries. I was referred to and treated at a Pain Center in Robbinsdale, MN. The same time in 1999 I began to experience widespread body pain, fatigue, interstitial cystitis needing interventional surgery, and cognitive dysfunction. I could no longer function as a Financial Analyst, let alone function in the home. I was diagnosed with FM and put on medical leave. The same Pain Center began treating the FM symptoms which included prescribing Narcotic Pain Medication. I felt very fortunate that I was established at this clinic when I was hit with the DD. Unfortunately, this clinic merged with a larger clinic and my treatment was transferred to another location. At this new location, unlike the previous one, a visit with a Dr. was virtually unheard of and office visits were with new, inexperienced NP's and I began having diagnoses show up in my OV Notes that were not only in error, but were injurious to my eligibility for LTD benefits available to me through the large corporation I had been employed by for 23 years. Once a record is made, it cannnot be removed, nor changed; it can only be mentioned in the following record as an error. Another Specialist I was seeing did everything in her power to make sure this correction to the errors be entered in my records. Unfortunately, the NP would do it again the next month, and so forth.

    As many of you know, medical records are the foundation of your SSDI and LTD claims. This was not a good clinic for me.

    I was fortunate in that I met a patient at this clinic who was in the same predicament. This other patient found a Dr. at another Pain Management Clinic in the area which she was very pleased with. I became a patient at this clinic in May 2002. The Dr. that runs this clinic has helped me with pain as well as my disability claims.

    I would certainly recommend this clinic to you, however, I have just read the next post by ami, and this concerns me as this clinic I am currently being seen at is in Edina, MN and the Specialist is the only one recommended by the AMA in this area. Yikes!! I hope this does not mean that the pressure put upon these M.D.'s that prescribe Opioid Meds is changing the practice of this clinic.

    How can we find out if we are talking about the same place?

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    Hello ladies, just stopped to welcome both of you to the board.

    We do have a 'Doctor Referral' at the top of this board, they are listed by states. Hopefully you can find one in your area here Rubies.
    If not then I am sure we have several people on the board from your state.

    I can't help, I live way down younder in Louisiana!

    Again, welcome to the group!

    Shalom, Shirl
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    I don't believe it's such a pain (????) to find a chronic pain Dr. who will relieve us. I have Blue Cross, but am ready to pay even if I can't afford it if they don't take my insurance. I will be sure to let you know if I find one, yes, let's search together. Thanks for answering. I had a really bad day and finally couldn't cope and went to the ER - had a dr. that actually gave me 3 meds iv and 2 prescriptions and told me to see my dr. this week. Let you know what happens. I'm new at this, so hope you get this message. Rubies
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    Katrina, thanks for your info - if you could share the good clinic I would be very very grateful. It sounds like you've been thru the circles too. What is with these MN drs? Don't understand. I don't work anymore either - for 2 yrs now - miss it and people and this disease is the pits, wouldn't wish it on anyone. Take care and thanks again. Rubies
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    hi shirl unfortunaltely there isnt any listed there for minnesota..ive looked. :( katrina the one i went to is MAPS at 7400 france ave., i dont know but im sure that it is the same one, oh well the doc i saw of course is the only one there that isnt a pain specialist he is the physical therapy doc..figures my in such a state right now..i feel like about to cry..geeze..oh well on nothing for any of this right now, my doc keep shoving things at me that do not work and just tell me to keep taking them, which of course i wont, i know how i feel i just wish they did,,i think that just because i am 22 that i am being treated as a drug seeker which i am not and i cant handle this anymore,,it funny that rubies did this post today cause i was going to do this one again and then i saw hers.. oh well .
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    Thanks for the welcome - is it the same way where you live?
  9. rubies

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    I felt so bad today too thats why I gave in and went to ER - this time they really didn't look at me like a drug seeker, mayble a little - altho the nurse asked me if I come here a lot, I said no and she said the dr. asked if he had seen me there before, she hadn't. It makes you feel guilty anyway and you haven't done anything, just asking for help. Try the ER, you may get lucky and get relief for a few days. I just don't know.
  10. Katrina

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    I am very excited!! I love to be able to help someone.

    Ami - OF course, MAPS! That is one of the locations of the clinic I had to leave.

    My new specialist is NOT MAPS!! This specialist is in Edina and he is the most compassionate, helpful, caring M.D. I have run across. He does his best to mangage my pain and now we are trying to come up with the best plan of action for "flares." He is not afraid of the DEA because he well-documents your progress. He has thirty-plus years experience and is well-versed in the Chronic Opioid Pain Management protocol. No, he is not afraid to prescribe these meds in the long-acting form. If you have been diagnosed with what he refers to as Chronic Pain Disease, in my case FM, he recognizes how important not only pain management is, but his letter to my LTD provider is a wonderful testament to his dedication. He, unlike some others, is not afraid to "get involved" with writing letters to SSA and LTD providers, he actually believes this is part of the Hipocratic Oath and part of his job. Treat the WHOLE patient. If the patient does not have income, the patient cannot eat to maintain health, let alone afford to see a Dr. and pay for medication in order to improve quality of life. So help the patient obtain the income which she is entitled to.

    I'm excited, I became a bit uneasy there, thinking my wonderful Dr. had succumbed to the pressure of the DEA.

    This Dr. is actually a friend of our Atty. General, Mike Hatch, who has also been involved in helping me obtain my LTD benefits.

    I am new here, so I don't know if we are allowed to mention M.D. about contacting off-list? Are we allowed to exchange e-mail addresses?

    I am sorry you had to go to the ER, I know that feeling. Sad, but some Dr.'s give that side-glance look as if to judge if you are merely drug-seeking. None of us would wish this on anyone, yet if they only knew what just one day can be like...

    Thanks for responding, thanks for the welcome, and I hope we can make some progress here. This specialist is out-of-network for me, but it is worth it for the improvement to my quality of life. Prior to pain relief, during a flare I could not brush my teeth, bathe(cannot get back out of tub) nor chew food, let alone change my clothing. Three years ago I was a Financial Analyst working long hours, a busy mom and wife, with a house and lake cottage to take care of. Last year, I went to our (formerly each weekend) cottage only one time and the ride in the car sent me into a flare for the balance of the weekend and then some.

    Please let me know how we can share this information in the proper way for this message board.

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    That is the best news I've heard ever. I'm so glad you found him. I would love to see him. I don't know if you can post names here either as I am new too. You have provided me with hope. Can we email privately? Thank you so much. Let me know if you think we can email each other. Am very happy for you. Peace to you also. Rubies ps - will keep checking throughout the day to see what you think.
  12. rubies

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    Thought of something else - maybe we could meet somewhere, Ami too and talk about it.
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    that sounds like a great idea..meeting somewhere would be nice, it would be nice to meet some other people here with this crap..Katrina i am so glad that its another clinic you go to, phew,lol well ill keep checking in here today too and hopefully well see can give out emails and mine is ( , i am not sure about doc names though if you all wanted to email your # or vice versa maybe we could talk easier,only if you want to though. wow katrina is your doc a referral typr doc or does he praactice in a regular clinic?..well ill be wating for your replies...ami
  14. Katrina

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    ami posted her e-mail address and I have written her and given the information regarding this M.D.

    How about you write ami and she has my permission to give you my e-mail address.

    I am excited that you may be able to get some help. This Dr. is listed under the AMA under Pain Medicine. No referral needed. I just became disgusted with the clinic ami mentioned and phoned this one for a consultation. Each visit I see the Dr. Never a Nurse Practitioner. Nothing wrong with NP's, in fact, the one I originally saw at the former clinic is responsible for educating me on the many aspects of FM and was also instrumental in supporting me with regard to my Short-Term and Long-Term Disability, as well as SSDI.

    Unfortunately, the clinic changed it's treatment modalities and also began making multiple errors in my medical records. I had to make the choice over this one outstanding NP, whom I almost never was able to see after the changeover, and the accuracy of my medical records, as they remain unchanged forever. Since I was unable to work anymore, this was detrimental to my obtaining Disabiltiy benfits, and this could not go on any longer. Oh, how I wish that clinic knew just how much more damage than good they were causing. A case of getting too big to manage in the former manner. After my two years with this former clinic, I noticed that I seeemed to know more about medicines and what they were prescribed for than the new NP's. Some could not even pronounce the meds, and were constantly confusing my condition with someone else's (in writing, which is the worst.)

    Please e-mail ami and I think we can get you some help.

    This new specialist is wonderful. Another fortunate find for me was a Psychologist. I was having trouble accepting this DD and all the life changes that it presented. Denial is a good word for what I was experiencing. This Dr. has been able to help me more than I can put into words. She specializes in FM-CFS patients and has 24 years experience. As I said, I feel very fortunate to have found her. She is very dedicated and also has gone above and beyond what I would have expected from her. She has supported me in SSDI, she also does CME's for SSA. In addition, she has helped me a great deal with my LTD.

    I don't know if this area interests you, but if it does, she is the best.

    I hope we can connect. Hope to hear from you soon.

  15. rubies

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    Thank you so so much! I emailed ami earlier today too and hoped she had heard from you. She can also give you my email address - if I don't hear from her, I'll give you mine tomarrow. I'm so glad you found all that help. Dealing with DD is very hard to do, understand totally. I think we're in for a bad couple of days here with the weather going from 54 to below 0. How long did it take you to get an appointment? Thanks again! Rubies
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    Hope she's ok, she's not in the chat room tonight so far
  17. rubies

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    In the chat room I wrote to you privately, but don't know if I did it correctly. It was going so fast my eyes were hurting tonight. Anyway, hope Ami is ok. Thanks again for sending her info and hope to talk to you tomarrow. Have a good night. Are you on in the daytime at all? Rubies
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    hi katrina and rubies..i got your emails and i will email you both..i couldnt get to a computer all day today so thats why i havnt been here but thankyou so much for the info kat and i will email you both.

  19. amilyne

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  20. rubies

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    Found our chats. I'm so glad we're in the same area. Katrina, your life and mine sound so very similar. Thanks for the email Amylyne. I think this is the beginning of a good thing. Friends who really get it.