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    My daughter will be having an abdominal hysterectomy next Wednesday. Anyone have any suggestions for supplements for healing? Any guidance will be appreciated.
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    I had a TSO hyst 8 yrs ago. Humm vitamins....... I don't know of any special ones . I took centrum and after the surgery I walked as much as possible. Oh course with my handy pillow.
    There is a web site called Hystersisters you might check out .
    They were very helpful to me. Just help her to take it easy for the next 6 months. No lifting for three months .
    She has a very caring mother .
    I'm guessing that she also has FM or CFS so keep things calm as possible . Hopefully she won't have a flare. She 'll be ok.
    She's got a good family to look after her.

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    Im 7 months out from a total vaginal Hysterectomy,And i am still very sick with a bad flare. Had a 5 hour surgery, and had some problems with some pain meds they were giving me. i think that and just being under for that long did me in.Do your homework on the anesthesia they will be using on her, as there is some we cant tolerate. i think if you look up Anesthesia to avoid in the search box, you can pull up the post. i gave it to my Anesthetist, and she was really caring & talked to me in detail about what she would use. and if she is having any kind of trouble, make those darn nurses keep an eye on her. i had horrible care post op, i think thats another reason i got so sick. I'll keep her in my Prayers,
    the things i took after was b 12, coq10,grapeseed, and something called rescue remedy from Bach.Also fish oil. i thinked they helped a little with my energy level.
    HOpe this helps a little. Kat
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    Hi Quanked!

    You may not believe this... I'm not sure I understand it fully either.

    I had my hysterectomy in Jan of 08. I worked from home (few hours a day) for two full weeks. I was at my mother's house. (I was able to stop taking pain meds on the 3rd day.) I did nothing but sleep or read or work on my laptop for the whole time. The third week I went home and did my normal routine but no heavy lifting or cleaning. Only worked 1/2 days in the office.

    By the 4th week I realized I felt better than I had in years!!!! That week I worked in the office the full week... The next week I worked in the office and then walked for 15 min a day after work. The next week I started to do some deep cleaning around the house that I couldn't get to before the surgery... so on and so on...

    I was in remission for 4 months!!!!!! The doctors think the sleep you get when you're under helps CFS/FM patients because we're not used to being fully sleeping.

    Who knows why but I was very thankful for those 4 months!

    Good Luck to your daugher!

  5. quanked

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    It was helpful to my daughter to hear about your healing process after surgery. Thank you tons.
  6. quanked

    quanked Member

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