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    Hi Everyone. I am new to this site. I have had CFS since I was 15!! I am now 38!. I was diagnosed with ME before I think it was really well known. I have a frustrating issue at the moment and am hitting my head against a wall! For the past 4 years, I get these little 'bites' on my hands and arms, it comes mostly when I'm stressed. It looks like a spider bite in the beginning with a puncture wound, then gets really itchy and then blisters. ONLY WHEN I"M STRESSED! Dermatologist and GP says it spider bites. I've had blood work, puncture biopsys etc, and it all comes back as insect bite related....Anybody every had this?
    Should I have something specific checked in my blood tests that could MAYBE pick something up? They itch like mad, and go away when I take antihistamines, but I can't be on antihistamines forever....
    Help me!
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    Hi, Sweetie,

    I answered you on the Chit Chat forum.

    Love, Mikie