help its driving me nuts?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by sunslickie, Jan 2, 2003.

  1. sunslickie

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    hi i no with fibro they say you have restless legs at night in bed mine are more of a jumping sencesecion now they have started to jump all the time is there anything i can get for this as it is driving me mad i feel so embarest when any one is in please help
  2. joannie1

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    I also have restless leg syndrome. Mine is not only at night. I have it during the day also. I haven't found much to help it. I do however take flexeral when it is really bad during the day. I can not sleep at all if I do not take it before i go to bed. I would speak with your doctor about the situation to be sure what you are indeed experiencing is RLS. And your Doctor can give you meds to help you with it. I know how imbarressing it can be. I too am in your shoes. It is kind of like nobody wants to say anything to you about it but their eyes sure do stay focused on the leg ha. Oh well just another wonderful thing we must deal with.
    Be sure to speak with your Doc though especially if you have troubles sleeping okay.
    Good luck.
  3. teach6

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    I've found Klonopin, which I take at night only due to the overwhelming fatigue of CFS, has really helped my restless legs at night. I sleep so much better since I started on it.

  4. jpswife_4boys

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    I completely understand how you feel. I have restless legs syndrome also. I experience this sensation through my whole body. I read where it's not common but you can have it through out your whole body. My whole body goes crazy when I lay down. It happens during the day as well as night. It actually frighten my kids on day when they saw me jumping and jerking in my sleep. My dr. gave me klonopin for it. I hope you can get some relief soon. Talk with your dr. about this.