help joint pain what helps??

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by chloeuk, Oct 23, 2006.

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    Back in Febuary I developed pain in all my joints, including stiffness, it felt like every part of me was seizing that time I was taking codeine for pain and it got so badx they gave me steroids but it didnt help..over the last few days the joint pain returned and now it is really escalating and feels the same, can hardly move, all muscles are burning andx joint stiffness and pain is really bad and I can no longer take the codeine and dont want how do I manage to get thru lasted about 6 weeks at this severity and I didnt find anything helped.

    Feeling scared and desperate.

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    I have found a couple of things that are very easy to do and help so much with pain.

    One is to take a 20-25 minute soak in warm water and Epsom salt or Dead Sea Salt. It helps so much with pain, adds, magnesium to your body, and serves as a detox.

    Two is massage therapy from someone that is well trained to deal with pain.

    The other things I use are microwavable gel packs, ice packs, Ben Gay patches, & Lidoderm patches (prescription).

    I hope you will find some relief soon.