(Help) Key words on the SS paperwork

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Lachesis, Aug 27, 2003.

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    I know there are key words and phrases to fill out when filing the paperwork for denial. Can someone help me out? :)

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  2. Lachesis

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    :) but I have to help her fill the paper and fax it up to him....
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    This relieved all my headaches...

    I didn't try to do anything without an SS attorney because I had heard my chances would be slim to none going it alone. So I hired one. He told me right off that almost always, you are refused the 1st time, which I was. But the second time around, between what my Pain management doctor wrote on my form and my Psychiatrist, who didn't fill out the forms about mental status, but how much I was suffering and all of my CFS/FM disabilities as a result. He even wrote a letter that was handed to the judge moments before my hearing. My attorney was stunned as to how short the hearing took. Their SS attorney asked one question as did the judge, then we were dismissed. My attorney said we would get the judges ruling within days. And he repeated that he couldn't believe how short my hearing took.
    Well, in 3 days, I got a letter, being approved, the Judges statement"Fully qualifies".
    So, everyone did their job. Focus on your physical disabilities, stay away from mental, even though depression is a result of this unrelenting condition of ours. Another Fibro I know, went that route and was denied immediately.
    Hope this helps