Help?? Kidney infection anyone??

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by emttoni, Feb 9, 2007.

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    Anyone have experiences with kidney infections?

    On Monday spent the day in the ER. Went in cause of pain I had been having under the right tib area - gall bladder - since the Friday before. By Monday the pain had spread to the entire right lung, from top to bottom. Called dr. they had no openings and with the pain int he chest area they wanted me to go to the er.

    After ekg, blood work, xrays, urine, and a pain shot the dr came in and said it was kidney infection. I asked him that a kidney infection could cause pain clear up in the shoulder like that and he said yes.

    So, round of antibiotics and pain pills later here it is Friday and Im still feeling like crap (to quote Dan). I have an appointment on Monday with pcp cause this just isnt clearing up. I would think after 5 days on antibiotics something would have changed by now, right? Wahhhh!
  2. therealmadscientist

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    I've heard that kidney infections are difficult to treat but seem like after five days you should be feeling better.

    With the "work up" you had I would think that they would done a "culture and sensitivity" or grown some of the bacteria in the urine specimen and found out what antibiotics work on the bacteria.

    I would call the ER and make sure that "someone" has looked at your results and make sure you are taking the correct antibiotic, and not an antibiotic that the bacteria is resistant to.
    Good luck (you have to look after yourself in modern day medicine!), mr Bill

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