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    klutzo: you have been so helpful to me before. I just got back my asi saliva test. It shows normal cortisol but my dhea is borderline. This really surprised me. suggests dhea or pregnenolone supplements. What really bothers me though its the secretory IgA which is depressed. the report goes on to say tahat i have "depressed mucosal immunity with normal cortisol output, possible chronic symaptheic overflow leading to reduced SIgA output. Litereature indicates exercise and phosphorylated serine to temper symathetic outflow." Any idea as to what this means. I get the gist but am returning to follow up at mayo and want to talk intellegently. As always having to assert myself to get tests run. seeing rheumy and neuro next month and do not know what to expect. also the report says Phase I maladaptation. UlK&^%$ YUCK : (
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    But what I would do, is call the lab. I assume it was done by Great Smokies Lab? They have a customer service number. They should atleast be able to put it in layman's terms. Good luck. -Karen
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    Just dropped by to let you know that chronic sympathetic overflow means that you like me have adrenaline surges. I used to take L-Serine in the evening prescribed by Dr. Poesnecker, my adrenal specialist, because I couldn't sleep at night because the excess adrenaline was keeping me up at night. I took L-Serine for several months and it helped me sleep. The exercise part means that I walk very very slowly for 5 minutes outside or around my house to slow down the adrenaline flow. When you exercise or walk quickly, lots of adrenaline is released so walk very very slowly! I also have this result on my ASI test but both my cortisol and DHEA levels were extremely low. I take 7-keto (DHEA) 50 mg first thing in the morning and 30 mg pregnenolone and I feel much more energetic and less depressed than I used to. It's great stuff! You should read Dr. Poesnecker's site about the ASI test. He talks about it in his self-published book Chronic Fatigue Unmasked 2000.

    Love, Jasmine
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    jasmine: how do you feel taking the dhea and such. I took the test from Posesnecker's site and will call them this afternoon. I am totally baffled that i would have normal cortisol and low dhea. I expected the opposite. are you able to work and function okay? I am getting worse and worse and want to do something before I fall irrevocably (sp?)in the abyss. Thanks so much for responding. I can not tell you how much i appreciate. doctors at mayo will be surprised when i show them this..or think I am a bigger NUT than they thought i was last time.
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    I love the 7-keto and pregnenolone that Dr. Poesnecker prescribed for me. He's my doctor and has been treating me for over 3 years. I used to be bedridden but I'm better now and more functional. Dr. Poesnecker said I have a severe form of chronic fatigue because I have neurally mediated hypotension and I was in Stage 5 chronic fatigue according to my ASI test. He's a fabulous doctor! Hope he never retires! I can't work but at least I'm more longer bedridden and am much more functional. Good Luck!

    Love, Jasmine
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    Sorry this took so long...I took a couple days off from this Board. I need to do that once in awhile.
    I am surprised to see some of these posts, since someone on this Board just told me a few days ago that Dr. Poesnecker had just passed away. Was that wrong?
    I also had normal cortisol results and borderline low DHEA.
    I am on Pregnenolone, 10 mgs. every Monday and Friday, and DHEA 2.5 mgs. daily, which I just raised to 5 mgs. daily. She told me to raise it to 5 mgs. if 2.5 didn't do anything after a couple of weeks. Amts. like this are so small that I am not nervous about taking them.
    The explanation someone else gave you about the sympathetic outflow was excellent. I also have this problem.
    Whenever I have adrenal surges, I get on my treadmill and walk very slowly to use it up.
    Phase I maladaptation is good are in the earliest stage of adrenal failure and it can easily be corrected by following proper procedure.
    I can't recommend the chronicfatigue organization website enough (Dr. Poesnecker's website). There are hours of reading there that will help you understand what you should do and why. Be esp. sure to read about the lifestyle changes that must be made, because without them, everything else is wasted.
    I would also start on Vitamin B-5, 500 mgs. twice daily for about 2 months,and ask your doctor about taking L-serine or Phosphatidyl Serine.....I am not sure what that type of serine you list is....I've never seen that spelling before.
    Does anyone here know what phosphorylated serine is?

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    I am so glad to hear that I am not the only one that has these. Mine usualyy only happen at night when I am trying to go to sleep.I will just be laying there and I can feel this surge coming all the way up my body.then wham!!My heart starts racing,i have to go to the bathroom every minute,I am sick of it.What causes it?Because most of the time I am very relaxed when it happens.I have looked up alot of information on this and have only found that people with this DD have a delayed release of their "stress-hormones".They happen at inapproiate times- when nothing is going on.Has anyone else read about this?Everytime I have been to the doctor about this,they just look at me like I am crazy and tell me its stress and write a script for anxiety meds.They are only covering up the symptom and not trying to find out the cause.Its like giving you a bandaid to cover up your boo-boo.I just got so tired of the run-a-round that I just gave up and am trying to deal with it the best that I can,which is not very well.Any suggestions?