Help!! Legs are very sensitive..why???

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by BabsFl, Aug 6, 2003.

  1. BabsFl

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    I have had this happen many times but today was the worst yet!! I woke up many times last night and my pillow I keep between my knees had slid off and I couldn't stand for my legs to touch!! The pain was unreal!! My legs are highly sensitive today, more so than the rest of my body, just a slight touch of my leg causes me to come unglued!! I don't understand this! Please help, if you have this symptom or have any idea what is going on I would appreciate the help.
    It is both legs and hips that are the most sensitive today. It is like when the dr. checked the "trigger points" and you jump to the ceiling..but the whole thing.....

    Thanks in advance for any info....should I call my doctor???
    Excuse the way I typed this I have bad brain fog today also and my mind is just "jumping"

  2. BabsFl

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    Bumping...really need info...helppppp
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    Hi Barb - Yes, I can relate very well to sensitive, hurting legs and hips and even sometimes burning and needles and pins. And they hurt if they touch each other. Seems to be this is another rather new symptom but it can occur quite often. In addition, sometimes this is how a flareup for me starts. Anyway, hope you feel better soon..........Member......Pat
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    Thanks for the info. It is very much appreciated!!
    I hope this is not the start of a flare. Trying to take care of parents who are really sick right now. Today I had to stay home. Of coarse there is never a "good time" right...

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    I am not that sensative but if I do not have a pillow between my legs (which, in fact, does encourage your body to sleep ergonomically correct) but I do hurt in my legs and hips if I don't. Have for years. Most PT's usually teach one, especially with FMS, to sleep with a variety of pillows arranged in a certain way in between areas of the body, on them and around them.

    Lynda B.
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    I have experienced this too. Maybe once a week or so. I find that forcing myself to walk eventually helps. It's like activity resets the brain and makes normal sensation return. That probably sounds silly but that is the way it seems to me.

    By the way, you answered my post about a month ago about using crutches, and sounded like you might try them instead of a wheel chair. I was wondering if you have given them a try. They've really made a big difference in my mobility.

    Lots of love

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    Hi this is my first time on here so please be patient with me...I have had alot of trouble with my legs and feet.I went to specialist and had inserts put in my shoes and they helped somewhat..but the pain and aches are still there. I also put pillow between my bones are really bad in morning takes time to try and walk on them.
    there are days when i hurt any place i might touch on my body..I'm sorry i don't know any cure. I just keep going till i hurt too much to go any longer...

    Hope you feel better as the days go on.. I glory in the few days that i have good and when i'm bad I just wait for somemore when they come. However long it takes.
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    My legs drove me crazy last night. It was after my Dr. appt. and I know that was the cause.I too have the same problem.Get up in the morning and someone has come during the night and replaced my legs with two by fours.My Dr. said this was restless leg syndrome at night.My toes go down and get stuck also that hurts.He is looking at my x rays and might want to do an MRI to rule out neck problems.I take quinine sulfate at night and justed started klonopin.Last night nothing worked and had to go downstairs and sit on my legs.I also sleep with a full body pillow between my legs.Which my hubby calls the other guy.LOL Most nights the quinine works wonders.I ran out once and what a difference.Maybe you could ask your DR. for info.Also try the icy hot sometimes that helps .In my house it has been dubbed mom's nightime perfume.
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