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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Msdeana, Jun 8, 2006.

  1. Msdeana

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    I have FMS and allot of other things I would love to give away. I also could not find a doctor who will say, Ihave CMP and RLS. I know I do! I am an RN, but it don't take a rocket scientist to figure things out. I also have no income (not much in the saving account) and now inadequate medical care. I did start going to the local clinic health dept when I can afford it. But they are dumber then a box of rocks and not open to my opinions or suggestions.

    I am awaiting work on my appeal for SSDI, and was about to just give up and tell them where to stick there paperwork. But I have been fighting for too long and wont give then the satisfaction of me quiting. I need it and deserve it...NOW!

    Ok, back to the pain and RLS issue. I was taking Neurotonin for pain and RLS and most of the time, it does not work...and when I take 300 mg tid it turns me into a walking zombie. And now cannot afford it or find a way to get it. (everyone has tried- to no avail) So I quit taking it after the current prescription ran out.

    I need help though for the last week I may have slept 10 hours. It not just my FMS acting up, my RLS is driving me to tears and I cannot sleep when its this bad. I feel lost and like I am drifting endlessly...and no one will help. (or so it seems.)

    But I need information from people who had tried the following medications, and if they are effective. They are. Merapex and Requip. Their has to be a way I can get releif...its been four nights since I slept worth a hoot. I am on Remeron which usually helps me sleep, except when the RLSS acts up. the way...I am now happily married...I got married May5th.


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    I can't really tell you what to do about finding a better doctor except that you can get a list of FMS friendly doctors here read the whole page.

    As for medications...I thought I was going to have to stop taking all my medications cause I was not working and couldn't afford them and didn't qualify for disability. However I have found a way to get my meds reasonably and some for free.

    Each med company will have a section on thier site that says "Patient Assistance" they have programs to help people get thier meds really cheap or completely free. I get at least half of my meds completely free. Also see this website: they have a system to help tell you which drug is covered by which's a great site.

    Another website to try is:
    where you can get some meds for $20 or $30 for a 3 month supply. I am using both these routes and saving about $600/m.

    Please try some of these routes and let me know if you need more info and I will see what else I can dig up for you.
  3. MssDarla

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    I have RLS bad and have for many yrs. I used to cry at times.

    I take Ambiem Cr and Mirapex (4 pills a night @ .125 mg)Ambien alone isn't enough for me. but with both meds
    Its like heaven. I sleep all night. no more walking the floors or kicking my husband all night long. lol
    so it did solve the night issues.
    Now to work on the daytime pain,,,

    Neurotonin makes me a zombie and I wont take it


    oops PS

    Congratulations on your new marriage[This Message was Edited on 06/09/2006]
  4. RunninCrazy

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    I don't know about the Neurontin, but I have found Elavil to be very effective. I only take it at night, but it helps me during the day. It is supposed to help you sleep, as well as medicate for pain. Hence the night-time dosage. It somehow carries over through the day. When I really can't take it any more, I add an extra Ultracet. And for my knees, hands and elbows, Theragesic. It's a topical that works wonders. I'd eat it if i could!
  5. dolfenn43

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    Ive had it for yrs, even b-4 fibro DX. But it got alot worst after getting fibro. Ive tried veliarium root sp? which made me sleepy all the time and hurt my stomach. Still couldnt due to RLS. So My practionier put me on clonopin 1 mg every evening. Hepled ALOT. I was able to stit through a movie and sleep after. She had no problem giving it to me. I was a little worried due to the being dependent on it , but their want anyting better at the time.

    But if I domt take it after a few days Im all over the bed and RLS from head to toe.

    Thinking about swithching to the merapix hs. which stops RLS and maybe a sleeping pill to sleep like the other person that responded.

  6. Jana1

    Jana1 New Member

    Do NOT forget trying the bar of soap under the bottom sheet near the foot of the bed...Sounds weird, but tons of evidence that this bizarre treatment works. Use a plain soap without lots of additions..

    Look on net if you haven't heard of this, or look on the search here for people who have had sucess with it.


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