HELP! Major Flareup with FM - What do you do?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by suzieq72, Sep 28, 2005.

  1. suzieq72

    suzieq72 New Member

    I've been in a major flare-up for 3 weeks now and can't get any relief. My body is racked with pain and none of my meds are helping. I've tried Flexeril, Baclofen, Vicodin, Neurontin, Aleve and others. The pain is just about more than I can bear.

    Does anyone else have "burning" pain? My entire back feels like I have a terrible sunburn and I can't even stand my clothes to touch it. That's in addition to the muscle pain I'm experiencing.

    It seems that all of my FM symptoms have shown up at once. I've got migraines, irritable bowel, fatigue, "Fibro Fog", etc.

    What do you do when it gets this bad? My doctor can't see me until January because she's booked up!!!
  2. suzetal

    suzetal New Member

    in a hot tub with Epsom salts for awhile.Take a pain pill and crawl into bed.

    Normally after the hot bath I start to feel better.

    Hope it helps you.

    Gentle Hugs
  3. I sure wish I knew what would help, right now nothing is touching my pain either. Good luck.
  4. suzieq72

    suzieq72 New Member

    Thanks for the replies. I use Epson salts too. I'm praying for a hot tub as I think it might help. Hubby wants me to have one.

    I have a low tolerance for medications. Does anyone know if taking Flexeril with Vicodin is going to "drug" me up? I usually take Flexeril on the weekends because I always feel like I have a hang over the next morning. It's hard enough to get up and get the kids to school. I feel like I'm driving with one eye open.

    I did find one combination of meds that usually does wonders for me. I found it while having a flare up like this one last year. I'm already on Neurontin 900 mg and Mobic. I take pain meds and muscle relaxers as needed. One night I took my Neurontin and Mobic and then I took Vicodin for pain. About thirty minutes later, I took baclofen because I forgot that I had taken Vicodin. Within an hour, I felt soooo much better! Of course, I was drunk but I had relief. I call it my lethal combination LOL! Unfortunately, it hasn't helped this time like it has all the other times. I told my doctor about this combination and he totally supported it.

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