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    Hi I need someone that know alot or sumthing about reading blood work for a possible systemic lupus ill try to make this short.. about 6 months ago i found out that i loss 14% of kidney fuctions. i do have high blood pressure but im not a diabetic im also 36 years old. i have told my doctor i have had real bad pain in my legs at time (mostly during sex) he check for blood flow and its fine.i also latly have had some pains in my wrisk and ankle and its does hurt with the change of the weather (i dont think its arthritis) as i went back to the kidney doctor i also told him about the pain in my legs he done blood work after blood work and still does know. as i went back & forth to the kidney doctor by me taking benicar htc i think it help my kidney cause they have gotten better. so now he is my test result of all the things that was over the requirements i just need some free advice and help because ever test that i have taken so far for lupus have been around & over $1,000.00 i have an appointment with a rheumatologist soon but i cant afford hundreded of test...ana = (positive)...creatine serum (1.30 high)...complement c4 serum (44 high)...creatine kinase total serum (437 high) what is the chances of lupus im also a male
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    ProHealth is a wonderful place to post, but they do not provide doctors. So responses you receive are from people just like you.

    You have so many things going at once, that it is vital you get answers to your questions only from the doctors that have access to all your records and test results. Asking people you don't know on the internet for free advice could provide you with false info that could compromise your health. I have systemic lupus, but that doesn't mean anything to you or help you because you have so many other ailments that could impact any readings.

    I wish you the best and talk to your doctors about financing. Also at the top of the Health Board is a thread in bold for free/lost cost prescriptions and medical and you can try there to see if you can get medical help. Also on that free post, towards the bottom, are patient groups and they may be able to direct you to low cost/free medical help.

    Good luck.
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