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    I feel lkie a real baby, but I have a question re this positive ANA thing. I know it doesnt necessarily mean lupus but can it be FM and how do I know, it could br RA too I guess. I have such terrible pain in my shoulder joints and arms. The back of my neck, shoulders, and general back area. The pain isnt always the same though. Somedays, my arms and neck, chest and face tingle and sting, almost to the touch, I have had this stuff going on sice November and I have my 1st appt. with a rheumy in latter July and I have began taking Vit. C, a multi vitamin, 500mg. Calcium and Evening Primrose Oil...I also have some tylenol w/ Codeine, but I havent found this to be effective against the pain that I feel...if anyone can give me any help on this I would greatly appreciate it.
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    sound a lot like mine. I have lupus and fibro, along with osteo arthritis.

    For these I take an antidepressant (Prozac) with is supposed to help people with chronic pain. I take Zanaflex to aid in my sleep--it's a muscle relaxer. Most rhuemys will start you on Elavil for sleep. I was pretty sensitive to it and could only take a small amount or I would have that hangover feeling all day.

    The best thing that has helped me with my overall pain level is Neurotin. It is an anti-seizure drug that for some reason helps on pain. It has been a wonder drug for me as far as pain relief.

    I take Placquanil for the lupus and Bextra for the arthritis and as an antiflammatory for a back condition that I also have.

    I am 52 and my neck/shoulders/arms/upper back have hurt me for years and years. I finally had my primary dr. give me an order for a CT scan. It showed that I have pinched nerves, severe spinal stenosis, bone spurs, degenerating disks, herniated disks, and severe cervical spondylosis. So, you see, sometimes all of your neck and shoulder pain may be caused by other reasons AS WELL AS the fibro, lupus, and arthritis pain. I later had a lumbar CT scan (I can't have an MRI which most drs. would probably order because I have a pacemaker) and it showed about the same stuff in my lumbar area.

    I eventually went to a pain management dr. for the back
    problems. I had a series of 3 lumbar epidural steroid injections for the low back pain, but they did not help. She first gave me Darvocet for the pain but it did not phase the pain. Last week she gave me Lortab 7.5, but it doesn't help either. (She said she did not prescribe anything stronger than Darvocet for fibro, but was treating my back pain.)

    I'm not to keen on taking narcotics everyday for my pain. I've lived with this pain for more than 15 years now. The neurotin has does wonders for my overall pain level, right now I'm just having real problems with my low back, it's so bad that I can't stand up for more than 10 minutes at a time. So, instead of loading up on narcotics that don't help anyway, I just sit down with a heating pad for around 30 min., then get up again until I drop, and it's a constant cycle of this all day.

    I hope your rheumy offers you some satisfactory treatment that will allow you to function daily with a reduced pain level. When you have lupus and fibro, it's hard to distinguish which ailment is making you hurt so badly--then add arthritis in the picture, and ???????

    I would question him as to your need for an antidepressant, something to help you sleep better (which helps on the pain level), and something like Neurotin. He will also want to start you on an exercise program, which kills you at first, but is "SUPPOSED" to help fibro.

    Good luck.
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    so maybe someone else can give you some help,too.
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    I have been sleeping in the living room this past week in the recliner and I am finding that if I sleep there I can have my head elevated as well as my feet, I sleep on my side, always have and I was waking up every morn with numb arms, hands, shoulders and excruciating pain in my shoulders. I have not had that problem at all since sleeping in the reliner, we are looking into getting me a hosp bed. I miss snuggying with my hubby but something has to give on this stupid illness, if there is one area of pain I can alleviate I will do it.

    This shoulder pain is a rather new thing for me tho, only had that about a month or two, along with a whole lot of new symptoms, incl sleeping so much daytime, I make myself stay up & be as productive as I can as I know if I sleep all day like my body wants me too I would still not feel rested, also I have double and fuzzy vision a lot right now, and a hundred other.

    Hope this helps you on the shoulder pain thing, keep us posted.