Help me...i think i am pos..and i am scared to do a test

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    I meet this girl on a social website and we talk and she wanted to settle down with me and she was serious about being with me and having a child. and the first time we meet we have unprotected sex, and the last time we have unprotect sex is on the 8 of august 2010. then i broke up with her and she start to cry and get upset that if its aids me have that i give her it and a run and if she have it a me she get it from cause a first she did this. two weeks after on the on the 20 of august i have unprotect sex with another girl that i found on a social web site. that was having her man problem and we have unprotected sex i think about it and i am so scared i have headache continuosly .. but when i take my mind of the fact that i might have it the headache musicle hurts but i am sleeping on a old beat up beat and i don't have no other sign just the head hurts and the body pain. and when i pul back my foreskin a ligh milk like discharge no odour no burn not itch you think am thinking about it too much that i am the one setting off the head ache? and i notice the milk like discharge i work a a plant and most of the time my underwear are extremly dirty cause of the things i work with and some time i have to force to stay a day or two at work in the same underwear...can some one give me a idea if i might have it or just me thinking too much
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    kjm is so right. A very good suggestion is to go to Planned Parenthood, which has clinics all around the U.S. Not only can they assist you with an examination and testing to determine if you have any STDS, but they can teach you about STDS, including the ways STDs are spread (including rectally and orally). They can also teach you the necessity of safe sex and how to have it and to insist on your partner going along with having safe sex too. You are worth getting all this help from Planned Parenthood. Do not have further sex of any kind until you are tested and learn about STDs and safe sex. Take care.
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