Help me it feels like my spine is collapsing

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by JewelRA, May 22, 2006.

  1. JewelRA

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    If I had to sum up how I feel in one sentence, it would be that my spine feels like it is collapsing and can't hold itself up. It feels like all my bones could just snap. And, in fact, they did last summer. Bilateral sacral insufficiency stress fractures. I have had excruciating pain ever since, and it seems to be working it's way up my spine. My rheumy thinks this will get better, but it seems like it is getting worse and worse. I have tried everything. So many pairs of shoes and inserts for support, nothing helps. After just a few minutes on my feet, I am give out. Of course, sitting down or laying down is no relief. I am in extreme discomfort and pain everywhere. I am constantly changing positions, and I am beyond exhausted.

    My bones feel like that are so brittle, yet my bone density test I had in January is completely normal. My doctor had me on Fosamax when my bones first fractured, and then took me off due to normal DEXA scan. He really doesn't know what to do for me. I am about 30-40 lb. overweight, but that is not new, and does not explain all of this.

    I am now wondering if this is something completely different than FM now. Muscle relaxers are not helping anymore, if anything making it worse. They are making me groggy and very hungry. All I need is to gain more weight. Pain pills take the edge off for about 2 hours max. My rheumy is clueless. He has not diagnosed me with FM. I have had JRA since I was 4, and that in and of itself weakens the bones, but it usually shows up on a DEXA.

    I am just so desperate for answers. No one can tell me what's wrong with me. I am living in constant terror that my bones will just snap again.

    Can anyone shed any light on any of this??? Anything???

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    Try a Chiropractor it helped me i know not many say it will but i felt just like you , my spine felt like i was going to fold up.
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    I did go to one a few visits back in the Fall before I knew I had fractures. It just about killed me. I don't think with my history of fracures it would be a good idea to go back. I also went to one for YEARS when my back pain first started as a teenager. I can't help but wonder how much damage he caused in the first place.

    But thank you, I know some people really find relief from them. :(
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    I have been pleased with mine. He has really helped me and sees quite a few people with back problems that are out of the norm. Could you get help from one. THey are sometimes better at treatment options than rheumies.

    Love Anne C
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