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    I have just spent the summer lying in bed 90 percent of the time. I have no desire to do anything. I waas active exercised and was a pretty active Mom. Now I do nothing. I sleep and lay around 24 hours. I'm a teacher and I go back to work in three days. God I with I could just not go to work. I get so sick and stressed and because people look at me and see a normal person I am ridiculed for all the memory lose, the tiered all the time, wanting to be alnoe. I have be told by a co-teacher that she's still "waiting for me to get up to speed". Four teachers work in one room with preschool children that are a risk. I make good money that my family needs so badly but how do you go on day after day withing you could just die instead of facing another day at work. I feel trapped, lost and hopeless. I know that if I would just get out of bed and do something anything maby I would feel better but I just will not. Help Janice
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    I use to be a different woman, I guess today especially, I just am very angry w/this DD. Whenever I pray about this, I am shown that I am my best when I help others in need. That is what we need to remember most. It sounds so cliche', but for me its what gets me thru it. WHether it is helping my daughter, or residents at work dying of alzheimers disease, or in hospice in their last days. WHen I am my worst, I try to keep my focus off of myself, healthy or not its how I deal w/it... I will pray for you, I do truly believe in God's eternal plan, whatever detours he has for us we have to go along for the ride!!! Love and blessings, Iggy
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    Hi Janice, welcome to the board. So sorry to hear you are feeling so badly. Are you on any kind of medications that could be causing you to feel like this?

    Is your job depressing you? or the though of going back to it in a few days?

    You did not say what you have? FM/CFS or are you depressed?

    I have had bad days like you described, but it did not last for longer than a couple of days. Thats not normal no matter what is wrong with you.

    I had a 24hour daycare center for 10 years, I had children at least six, plus my own three for 24/7 and I did have FM then too.

    I am not a 'kid' person, I do not relate to children too well, I was simply a good caregiver, mother but a very sterm disciplinarian.

    I made it an absolute thing to get out every Friday night to get away from the children and all the responsibility they entailed.
    I went out no matter how tired or bad I felt. It was a must for me. All week long I looked forward to that 'night out', thats what got me through my week, the light at the end of the tunnel.

    Is it possible that you might want to change jobs? work with adults instead of the responsibility of the children?

    These are just some thoughts of my own that may help you think what might be causing you to feel the way you do.

    You are not alone. Many of us do not like our jobs, or even our lifestyle and it can cause some dramatic effects on our mind and body.

    If its a job, then it can be changed, but if its something in your life you have to live with, then you need to deal with it and come to some kind of acceptance within yourself.

    Hope you find out what is wrong soon, and I do wish you the best and will say a prayer for you also.

    Shalom, Shirl

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    I agree with Maritt.
    It sounds like you need an anti-depressant.
    You sound very depressed.
    These kids NEED YOU!
    Your family needs you.
    You can make it thru this, there is alot of support here.
    Do you have a good Dr.??
    What meds are you on??
    Do you take anything for pain, to help you function better??
    Thats what helps get me thru the days.
    I am on an anti-depressant, and then the pain meds, I couldnt function without them.
    Something to consider.
    I'll be thinking about you, and sending prayers.
    The school year is about to start and they will be depending on you.
    Look at the kids and see how much they need YOU!!!
    Please consider an anti-depressant, see your Dr. Give them a little time and they will help.
    HUGS, from Thea -in Wisconsin
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    I was a preschool teacher in the past and I know for one how stressful it can be even if you felt good.It is very important that you take care of yourself when you have a little time.I hope your coworkers can be a little more understanding-the pressure of having them look at you as if there is nothing wrong is hard.Try to talk with them and tell them what you need from them to help you keep going.I had to do that and then they became very helpful and would do things for me without asking.You can look at your diet(staying away from carbs can help energy)and medications as you need the right ones to help.If you feel depressed due to everything then you need help with that-being depressed can drag anyone down.I hope you can look at a few things and try a little something that may make a difference for you.My heart goes out to you and I wish you a great school year.Those children need you and will also love you,I'm sure.
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    I'm so sorry that you are having such a hard time. This DD can really get you down. It's so difficult for people to understand what we go through on a day-to-day basis.

    You've gotten some great advice here. I am concerned, however, about your depression. Anti-depressants will help but have you thought about seeing a therapist? Expressing your feelings about this illness to an objective person may really help you to feel better emotionally. You are in my prayers.
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    I;m so sorry you feel so bad. I also agree with those who suggested getting meds for the depression. I don't think you can help yourself until you get some help for the depression. Your doctor can presecribe an anti-depressant. I have PTSD and debilitating CFS and I would have given up on life long ago if not for the anti-depressants. They do help so much.

    Best wishes, Sandy
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    I am depressed and I take zoloft, paxil and sleep med tamezapan. I have a psy doc. He says I am addicted to my sleep meds ( I take a very very high dose)and that he wants to put me in the hospital to detox. I told him only if he is paying for the hospital stay. It would bankrupt us. I love to sleep all the time because if I do I don't have to feel anything no pain, guilt, frustaion and sorrow.
    I do want to thank you all for you support. I do need to go on. All my love Janice
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    Hiya Janice. What you said caught my eye....
    How do you go on day after day wishing you could just die instead of facing anohter day at work. THOSE were my exact feel trapped, hopeless. need to get your Zoloft Rx changed..either a higher doseage or another med completely...cause it isn't working. That happened to me on the zoloft..exactly. Your body may have depeleted your dopamine..that's what can give you the don't feel like doing anything mood.
    Please go see your doc...tell him what you just told us.
    They changed me from Zozoft to wellbutrin then to lexapro...I am finally feeling better. The meds you take for sleep can also play a part.
    That is the first step in helping you live..finding the right meds/rest patern for YOU. Please go see your doc.

    Warm fuzzies
  10. sandy10seven

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    I should have thought to mention this before also. I went through about 6 or eight anti-depressant meds before I came up with the ones that work for me. Your Psych doctor shouldn't have a problem with changing them.

    Hope you feel better soon,
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    With the meds you are taking for depression and sleep it isn't any wonder all you do is sleep...they aren't supposed to make you sleep and only want more sleep...they are to raise your spirits back to a normal place! Paxil knocked me out, I could stay awake just long enough to get from the bed to the couch and back later! I think you need to do something about you meds, I REALLY URGE YOU TO! It's a wonder you aren't dead already! Please, Please, Please see your doctor or your Psyc...and if they don't change something find another one!

    I think alot of us go thru the wishing we could just die and be done with it is terrible sometimes, but it isn't meant to be! If we get down then we may need help getting back up. Dieing is not the answer, that thought only adds to the depression. You are worth very much to those who love you and need you. You are LOVED...start right now to DO SOMETHING TO GET YOUR MEDS STRAIGHTENED OUT!

    You are in my prayers, Janice. God will see you thru all of this terrible time. He is there, loving you, and He is so dependable.

    Lots of Love

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    Check to see what leave you have at your job. I worked in ex ed and ended up living found another job that paided better and was not so stressful. Go to the doctor. It is hard to make difficult choices, but try to find control of things you can control. Also educate the people around you to what is wrong with you, it's their lack of knowledge that stops them from being better people. Come to fibro room (chat) they are a great group to use as a sounding board... they ring true and know what you are going through.

    Good luck and take care of yourself!!!
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    Hang tough, I too have days like this. I was embarrassed for anyone to know that i had been in bed all day but I was so sick and in so much pain it became harder and harder to hide. Have you tried a high protein diet? I haven't tried it yet but have heard that it will help. Also try some herbal remedies, checkout yeast overgrowth on line and see if you find yourself there and see what you can use to make life easier.And like many of the others have said, get those meds right. I have been thru a bunch of them and have found out that everybody has to find the ones that work best for them. I am on zoloft at a fairly low dosage and elavil to sleep at night but recently I had to start taking over the counter Naproxen because I have developed an allergy to all the perscription pain meds. I am in a good amount of pain, am stiff alot but I keep searching for the right combination of diet, meds,herbal remedies and i found that if you surround yourself with positive people and ideas you feel better. Don't forget to laugh, girl laugh until it hurts and you WILL feel better.Again HANG TOUGH!!!
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