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    i have been having a lot of muscle aches in my right arm and shoulder and it is even keeping me up at night. doc. says i am doing everthing right, but pain is still in control. it has been sugested that i try smoking pot to help. i know that in maine we do have medical pot(can not seem to spell the m word) here in maine. does anyone know if this works and the rules in using it. then does it work? i am woundering as i am so tired of pain!!!!!! i know my hydrocodone don't work all the time only about half. can someone please help me. i do work out, but have taken off my feet due to very invasive knee surgury. please help me i need support and help. visit my profile for more info if you wish....
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    We have to find the problem. If the pain is ischemic pain, then no pain reliever will work.

    My M.D. also said that I was doing everything right, but I was getting more tired by the week. I finally went to a D.O. and we looked at viruses that cause Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. The D.O. found EBV and CMV.

    I read your profile but found nothing that can help. Have you had a Hair Analysis? What makes your FM worse? what makes it better? What other symptoms do you have?
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    Hi, Mainerose

    When I am at the worst of the worst pain . I rub my arms legs or what ever is hurting in mucsle rub and I wrap them in ace bandages I got like 8 of those thing's (most of the time it is my arms) They hurt so bad sometimes I can't hardly stand it and wrapping them up like that is the only relief I get. I use a cheap mucsle rub from the Dollar store I have tried the higher priced ones to find out the dollar tubes work just as well. My hands and fingers also hurt sooooooooooo bad I soak them in a sink full of hot water and that helps. I don't take any pain meds at this time, but I am seeing my Dr, this month to ask about perscribing me a Tens Machine. I read your profile we are the same age I LOVE to fish and I used to hunt years ago with my dad & husband & you and my sister have the same birthday, thought that was kind of neat. I hope this help's even alittle. Hoping you are feeling better soon. Suzyq44
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    Ive used the supplement called SAMe for 6 years. It helps relieve pain, detoxifies liver & helps stabilize moods. My doctor recommended it.