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    I am so tired of being in pain I am trying to work but as a nurse i have to be on my feet all the time it is getting unbearable. My doctor won't give me any pain meds.I am so sick i am vomiting from all the motrin I am taking. Has anyone ever bought anything from an online pharmacy? Do u have suggestions on reducing the pain Karen
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    I just read your bio--you sure have your hands full with that many children--that would be enough to make me tired just having that many children--but, you are so very lucky--I lost 2 and could only have one child and then had to have a hysterectomy.
    The first thing I would do is find a new doctor.I don't know anything about online pharmacies, but me personally, I would be afraid to do that.
    Since you are in the medical profession-you need to ask around for a good doctor that is understanding and caring about people with our conditions.
    It is so sad that there are still doctor's out there that will not treat pain.
    Good Luck--and I think in your position that you will find a new doctor soon!!
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    Amen to the previous post! No doctor worth his salt would let a patient be in that kind of pain. Go quickly and find another doctor. I had to change before I found one that would listen and try to help.
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    Please do pursue a doc worthy of his degree, Do NOT do the online shopping for needed meds. Very dangerous as there is no guarantee where they come from or if they are what they say they are. Many countries do not have the same standards and their pharmaceuticals are poor grade. I too did the Motrin thing in the beginning and wound up with a world of stomach problems to add to the rest. I kept my pain at bay with Magnesium until I found a doc to prescribe something. Be persistent and don't stop in your search!
    love, Rebel
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    I too was in the medical profession. I was taking pain meds while I was working but only the Ultram,it gave me enough relief to function but not muddle up my brain.I finally had to stop work, it was too stressful. I was in an outpatient center by my selfm seeing 45-65 pts a day, dooing all the paper work, sticks and precessing. I finally had what amounted to a breakdown and was diag with post traumatic stress syndrome.
    I think you need to find yourself a new Doc. He?she sounds like a non-believer, and no one should have to suffer that much. This DD is hard enough to keep up with without all of the added stress from your Dr.
    I would rethink on-line pharmacies, you need a Dr who understands and will help you.. Good Luck[[[hugs]]]lilah
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    Hi, I was in your shoes just a while back... Keep trying to post about your area here. I did and that is how I got a doc... Go to ER and get some relief and they will give you a script as well. That will give you enough time until you find someone. I am training to become an RN. I wish I could help you but I am in PHX AZ. I tried an online pharmacy once and got ripped off, that is when I finally got a doc and was Dx'd properly. you deserve good medical treatment and do not think you dont. I use to think that way, I kind of always thought that they would think I was crazy and try to avoid docs as much as possible. Please keep us posted. You are in my prayers, Love Iggy
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    I think a lot of people have to go to a pain management doctor/clinic to get the meds they need. In the interim, the ER suggestion is good.

    And finding another doc sounds like a good idea, too!
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    so sorry this is happening to you!!
    like others, i understand fully.

    i found a great rhuemetologist(sp) who specializes in fibromyalgia by searching the web.
    i looked up rhuem. then went to specialties...aftering finding a couple doctors...i began making calls.
    during the was much like an interview.
    how long in practice? how long specializing in fm?
    success rate? beliefs, mission statement, therapies, medication, alternative meds or therapy...etc.

    good luck, hope you find relief soon.
    your pain is understood with great compassion....i am in the middle of one of the worst flare ups i've had in a couple years.

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    Love, Mikie