Help me pleasequestion if you have filed for SS or won

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    I am in the process of filinf for SS, and am using Allsup. I was just denied in January for the first time. I am now in the appeal stage.

    My question is, if you are in the process, or have won did you have your doctor write a letter? I have asked Allsup and they say "oh you don't need one yet", and yet I hear from others that it is an important step.

    My doctor is more than willing to write the letter, but he is also asking for what type of things specifically need to be in the letter. Does anyone have an example of what their doctor wrote? And, at what point should I have him write this letter. I don't want to wait for another denial. I think it would be important for SS to have before they decide my case.

    It helps also, because I used to work for my doctor 6 years ago, so he has seen my decline over this period of time. He knows me as a patient and as a past employee.

    Thanks for your advice. I am disappointed in Allsups advice on this aspect of the case.

    M J
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    Yes I had all my doctors write letters. Most important is primary doctor, but I also had my psycologist, phychiatrist, former employer, rheumy, it all helps. I don't know why your lawyer would tell you otherwise?! Deb
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    Thank you both for your help.

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    I believe that everyone is denied the first time around. Do you have a lawyer? It would be a smart thing to get one. When I went to court I had already given letters from all of my drs. stating how long they had been seeing me, the

    fact that I had multiple symptoms that range from headaches, chronic pain, depression and severe problems with cognitive skills. I think that the problems with cognitive skills is the key reason for my filing for SS.

    This is what I feel really made me somewhat incompetent in my career. I couldn't remember what I had told my employees
    to work on and spaced out in the middle of sentences etc. Another thing that I did was to get my sister to write a

    letter stating the negative direction that this DD was going into.I would provide something from someone that deals with you frequently. Remember that they take forever to get to your case. It took me 3 yrs. to finally get them

    to approve my case. The good thing is that the pay is retroactive. I hope this helps. Believe me, I am aware of the frustration you are going through. They hope that people will give up. GOOD LUCK!!

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    i have two different cases of ssdi..first one was the battle ot a life time it seemed...i had to go the the hearing..evenutally won that case but since i had my divorce final and had shoulder surgery basically ghe believed i was good enough to go back to work...yeah right...but i did win a closed case of ssdi..unfornately i could not do a trial work period and if i had the opportunity then i could have had a autmatic reinsttment...

    then i refiled 2 months after the closed case...filed saw their wacky dr.s again and won at the initial refilling again or i am on current status pay w/medicare..

    i feel like dog poo....
    anyways you have your age on your side and your hae allusp so the know what they are doing..i believe there is a form that they can have your dr. fill out to submit..

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    My doctor wrote a letter, in addition to submitting medical records, and I think the letter helped a lot. In it he explained the reasons for his diagnosis, it's been a few years, I don't remember exactly what he said.

    What is Allsup? Are they attorneys? I would them ask them when the doctor is to write the letter, and they should have guidelines for him or her to follow. Personally, I think sooner is better than later and I would push Allsup to help you get this letter. You're paying them.

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    Thank you all for your input. Allsup is a group that handles the disability case. They are not lawyers, but they file for you and get paid only if they win.

    I just wasn't happy with the answers or lack of from them regarding the letter.

    I appreciate all of you taking the time to answer and advise me.

    M J
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    In my case the SSA contacted all doctors. I just signed the releases.

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    I was denied twice and finally won with the help of my local Congressman's Office. I had relunctantly signed on with a lawyer who basically did nothing but collect his fee.

    I would have your doctor write the letter and forward this all to your local Congressman's Office. There should be someone there who's title is: "Constituent Services Specialist". They can't make a favorable decision or any other kind of decision but can be very helpful in advocating for your case and moving things along alot quicker through the appeals office.

    You may find some info in some of my older posts. (examples of letter I wrote, etc.) I have been away from the boards lately except to read some.

    Best of Luck to you.
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    Hi, I have applied for SSD 2 1/2 years ago. I have gone through two attorney's and found that they didn't review files. One attorney didn't even submit the request after the second denial with Social Security and I had to go to SS office and have them call the attorney's office because that attorney's staff insisted they did the work. When they got the call from SS then the information was faxed there and then. I spoke with Allsup and found that their agents were not experienced or well versed. I think they just do the initial "intake" information. THEY DON'T nor do many attorney's tell you the importants of Medical Documentation. They don't show you the steps to prepare your case. Most doctor's DO NOT know how or want to be bothered with filling out this information... I would be as careful in choosing an Attorney as I would be choosing a Doctor. Unfortunately it seem to be HIT and Miss.
    Good Luck and God Bless.