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    Thank you in advance for your help. My mom78 yrs young and been ill for many years with Fibromyalgia, and she has just currently went to a bed ridden state. Her primary doctor is completly puzzled with her condition as all of her many test(blood, mri, cscan, etc) are all normal without exception. She has been abusing Oxycodone, and perkiset(sp) for sometime now. She is in chronic pain 24/7 and is chronic fatigue, and extremely moodly and hateful. I do not understand this condition and have tried to be patient, but she is just mean. She will not eat correct, or drink enough liquids to make sure her meds pass through. I am at a loss, and as I read the many people sharing thier life I hope that someone could help shed some light on this for me. Over the weekend she was hospitalized and was verbally abusive to the nurses and doctors if she didnt get her meds when she wanted them. Is it tru that you can crash and go from ok to to die for pain? I am looking forward to getting some new info on this horrible disease....
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    I'm sorry that your mom is going through this. The best thing for her right now is if she remains in the hospital and they slowly get her off of all of her pain meds. After someone has been on pain meds for a long time, they need stronger and stronger meds, and higher and higher doses, to get the same relief. She needs to clear all of these from her system to reset her tolerance to the meds. Then she will be able to restart on a much lower dose and strength of med and get good pain relief. My sister-in-law went through this last summer.

    Also, ask the doctors to check your mom's Vitamin D levels [ 25 (OH) D ] and Thiamine (B1) levels as low levels of either of these can contribute to fibro pain. There is new research that shows that taking high doses of B1 can help with Fibro.

    I doubt very much that Fibro pain can kill someone, otherwise, I'm sure we would have lost a lot of members here over the years. And I'm sure that once your mom is off of her meds, she will probably feel much more like eating and drinking again. I think that a lot of the problem is probably depression as a result of the meds, constant pain, and the feeling that it will never end.

    Good luck to your mom, and keep us up-to-date on how she is doing.
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    Hi TwinMom,

    Firstly I am sorry that both you and your mother are going through such trials. It is hard for the person with the illness but it is also hard for those who love them and often feel helpless as to how to help or really understand what their loved one may be experiencing.

    You asked if it is possible to go from okay to very severe pain. The simple answer is yes! I experience this type of pain with my FM. I can go days even weeks of just a sort of bad aching pain to a sudden sharp, intense, mind boggling pain.

    Each type of pain requires different treatment. For example when I am just having mild to moderate of the aching kind of pain, I can take Motrin and that will bring the aching to a level where it is tolerable or gone for a while.

    When I have moderate to severe of that kind of pain it requires taking Tramadol. If the pain is severe I take Oxycodone. Thankfully the pain fluctuates from kind and intensity so I rarely end up on the stronger drugs for longer than a week or two at a time.

    Only your mother's physicians can really decide for her if she is experiencing severe mood swings and other side effects due to the pain medication she is on. It sure sounds like she is but we are not doctors here and cannot give that sort of advice. Her physician should be asked privately if he thinks your mom is exhibiting signs of addiction or adverse reaction to the type of pain medication she is taking. Perhaps he or she may decide to change her medication to see if she would tolerate another without the emotional liability she is displaying.

    It's a complicated issue and requires a well trained physician who knows your mother. But I hope it helps you to know that her pain can indeed change quickly and become intense. Sending you some loving understanding and a hug. - Michele
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    Thank all so much for this valuable information, I am going to pass it on to my dad, as he is just as perplexed as I am and we are exhausted. Her attitude has changed a bit with her home care ladies and pop is finally getting some well deserved rest. I have spoken with her primary dr but not her pain dr. I guess I will make a call to him and see if he can shed some lite on this. @Michele K, she takes her Oxycodone, everday every 4 hours, sometime every 3 hours and at night she takes that along with the percocet, along with aspirin.@jaminhealth, her thyroid comes back normal she had several ct scans, mri, and ultrasounds over the weekend and they all came back clean. I just feel she is drugged up 24/7 and has not been "clean" for many years. I often wonder if in fact the drugs are even working anymore since she has to have a huge build up in her system.