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    I have been treated with a "group" DRs. They started Plan/Direction. Investigated IBS,LGS,Bi-Polar,Depression,Sinuitis,Vision Issues. Then Employeer decided in March 02 the occasional need for cane and or neck brace didn't have professional Look and was told to come back when HEALTHIER.Health Care became difficult to afford as insurance was canceled.Now after muddeling for 16 months, i am starting to regain some health. Issue:Dr I have remained with is Neurologist-Says Specializes in FM,I am questioning specializing. I feel I have and HAVE had Yeast issue,HHV-6,some viral or bacteria Family Deep within.He still is insisting on bld wrk for Liver,says I show Infection or Inflamation of some type w/last 4 bld tests. MRI shows "What appears to be Excessive Lymph Matter",as well as White Follical specs in brain.Consitant and more since 1999 MRI.None of these issues have been addressed.His & other groupDRs DX is FM,probable MS,He also says I sound like Text CFS and told me a year ago to quit reading. I am VERY sure my joints are burrning,my muscles are tense and spazing,the vomiting,inability to eat Solid food,as well as IBS are ALL from reading.It is a good thing my vision departed 2 years back 4 17 days,who knows what else I could've contracted from reading then. He questions my Limb Flinches,which Can B excessive,and took me off medication he felt was causing flinching. Flinching was There B4 medication started and is still there now off of it.Glands are always swollen and have enough Mucas spitting time I actually set time aside in morning to make sure Build up from sleep can B vomited out without loosing time/this is every day and usually so Violent I need to Nap after done. Yet another day in EZ land! Only opiade type medication helps pain,so I try to deal as much as possible. I am down to foods that do not require salivation to massicate--soup is my friend!Is it like this for all,some,or just different phases of DD? With the exception of seeking different Dr(hopefully one that will use past and recent data on me) I feel trapped in to unsatisfactory care. Would Type Dr change views/or would my condition just leave another "Specialtist" in a TRY this or deal w/it attitude?Chicago Suburbs is my location and no Assitance for HC just my $.Thanx in advance for any guidance/Suggestions! Peace,EZ
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    I feel like I am talking to myself,so I guess bumping myself is par for the course.Mood swings are at High,Cry,yell,rage,anxiety.....HELP! EZ
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    It may just be me, but I was totally overwhelmed after readng your post, and just did not know where to start to address all the issues you raise! I am so sorry you are suffering like this.
    However, your last sentence is why I decided to write to you, since I know of a great doc in your area.
    It seems to me you have very advanced CFIDS. I am not a doctor, but that would be my dx if I was. The white spots on the MRI are classic for CFIDS and so is the difficulty eating.
    If you have read any of my posts here, you know I believe holistic medicine is our best chance for help with chronic illnesses.
    You happen to live near one of the best holistic doctors in the world. He is in Napierville....I am not sure how far that is from Chicago, but I think it's close enough to be worth it. His name is Joseph Mercola, M.D., and you can look up his webstite for info on how to contact him and what he's all about.
    As always with this illness ,you will have to do a great deal of the work, because there are no magic pills. I hope you will be granted the strength to keep on fighting, and know we are here to support you.
    If you do see Dr. Mercola, please let us know what he says about your treatment.....I am so jealous, as I would love to be able to see him.
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    I am confused by a few things...did your employer fire you because you had to use a cane or neck brace. If they didn't fire you, did you take LTD or something? If you went on LTD they still have to pay for your health insurance.

    Also, did your doctor suggest that your problems were from reading? Did he mean that sarcastically? I take it that your drs think that you have MS???

    If I were you I would get a 2nd opinion on everything that your drs have been telling you. I would see and internal dr to get you IBS controlled. Vommiting everyday can't be good for you. From what you have described, it does sound more like MS.

    Wish I could be more help.