Help me write a letter to my exchirocracktor

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    First, some background...

    Suffering for 12 years from it seems just about everything. We have a local FMS/CF support group and had a members chiro come to speak...After all the usual sales tactics, I ask a question...How do you treat someone with neck pain who has also had a cervical fusion...His answer was "It's very difficult, and I would never adjust someone's neck who has had a prior fusion"...He also mentioned his Dadbeing a pharmacist and how he doesn't push drugs...I decided to try him...

    My main concern at the time was my SI joint...Had been locked for some time and also my IBD had given me swelling in my abdomen. They also claim I have arthritis due to the UC so that's where I wished for him to deal with first...I filled out tons of paperwork, forcing myself into a fog to be so precise so he could 'help' me...He did that image testing and took xrays with what seemed to be an old set-up.

    Well the first time he adjusted me, it hurt, I was sore and listened to his speech, get plpenty of rest and drink lots of water...Second and thrid visits, he began doing my neck and upper back...I kept questioning him for a detailed treatment plan, what he thought of all my diagnoses from the past and prior treatments and most importantly, letting him know I was feeling MUCH WORSE...I think it was the 3 rd appt, when he told me I needed to "buck up" and deal with the added discomfort before I would get relief...After several requests for the costs incurred so far as well as a treatment plan, I finally got it...Over $4,000, and that was with a discount!!!

    Shortly after the last visit, I began to have stomach issues, cramping, bleeding and just plain miserable, more than I allready had been...After 3 months of suffering, had a colonoscopy and this time my doc saw Crohn's disease...I felt toxic, like I was dying and the beginnings of this were happening while this chirocracktor was doing his 'magic'...

    It took me over 6 months to somewhat come out of a flare along with the newly diagnosed Crohn's to deal with and my gut says that the XRAYS of my abdomen (so HE could see the SI joint and make his own findings) damaged my intestines...
    Anyone ever heard of such a thing? I happened to be watching a show about when we started xraying feet in the 40's to fit (sales gimmick) shoes properly, women and kids were getting SICK with cancers and such...Kinda confirms my feeling...

    Anyhoo, just got a bill (3rd notice, never recieved 2nd) that says they will send it to collection if I don't pay...

    Question? What does he OWE ME??? I cannot keep allowing these overzealous creepy doctor wannabes to hurt me further.

    How would you handle this? I will not call them to dispute the charge...I would however, consider writing a letter, short and sweet...ANY IDEAS? Keep it clean please, I still like to have more class than these characters although there are many colorful words I would like to use when writing...

    My first idea was something like this, but my fog is getting in the way...

    "You claim I owe YOU $375.00 for treatment...I claim that you are an overzealous chirocracktor who did not listen to my concerns and chose to continue with your manner of treatment worsening my symptoms and placing my health at risk...I suffered a major flare of FMS/CF during/after your treatments and complained to you about such, you patronized me and told em to 'buck up' and continue...I stopped when I KNEW my health was at a greater risk at your hands...I believe you now owe me, I accept check, money order or cash"
    Sincerely yours,

    No good?
    Too nice?

    Thanks for reading...I know many who have been ripped-off like this and worse, HURT...I need to take a stand here...These medical professionals (I use the term loosely) cannot be compensated for their time this way...They need to help and not hurt (isn't that their oath?)...Oh, I forgot, who is gonna pay for that speedboat?

    Thanks in advance for your help...I am dealing with a Crohn's flare now and my lil lovey labbie is bleeding from his weenie...Vet trip tomorrow, or sooner, if need be...I love it, when it rains, it pours, right on my head!

  2. hugs4evry1

    hugs4evry1 New Member

    Honestly??? I think you need a lawyer and soon. There are lawyers who will take a case if they know it's a good one for nothing down then take a portion of the proceeds when you win the case or settle.

    Just my opinion...


    Nancy B
  3. Jeanne-in-Canada

    Jeanne-in-Canada New Member

    He was upfront that what you needed was very hard to do, but he'd try. Right? That's what I get from what you wrote.

    I cannot see how an xray could give you Chrohn's and I'm sure you'll have a hard time getting that to court. Chrohn's doesn't develop overnight or even a few mths.

    Too many xrays have been suspected to cause cancer, but that's from many xrays and esp. from repeat CT scans which give the radiation of dozens of xrays for each one. It takes yrs for cells to mutate too, its not a couple mth thing.

    If you have CFS/fm, then at least one of the GI disorders is bound to hit you. Chrohn's, IBD, IBS, celiac, are common parts of the syndrome. I'm very sorry this has all happened to you, but I don't think you can pin this on one doctor.

  4. carebelle

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    I agree with the others .Can you prove he harmed you ? These typys of doctors always have a back up so they can not be sued .
    I'm sorry you are hurt and went throught this but talk to a lawr it may not be worth the emotional hurt you will go threw trying to prove anything different.

    Did you sign paper work giving him permission? There is always small print.
  5. suz45

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    Sorry to hear about your horrendous experience with the chiro.. He sounds like one of the chiros that give all of them a bad name.. He should have never asked for upfront money this is against ACA ethics I have read it thoroughly.

    Consider conatcting a lawyer and presenting this info to the attorney and get a consult. If he did you injury or even failed to refer you to a MD when there were indicators that was needed he can be held responsible. Do you have your walk out papers with a DX on them. You can also request yourself through the laws pertaining to HIPPA to see all your records and have them give you copies this is your legal right... They can charge you for copies but must provide them to you in a timely manner usually 60 days.

    Dont give him another penny. Speak with a malparactice attorney as well to see your best course of action.

    You can also write a letter to the medical licensing division in your state and file a complaint, they have to look into the matter as all chiros are licensed in all states.

    I really hate to see this stuff happen with any type of medical professionals as there are many good chiros out there. I see one biweekly and he has never asked for up front money, other than my copay and is completely professionl. Sorry this happened to you.

    Hope this info helps you out.


  6. Butterfly_of_grace

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    Personally I work for a Chiropractor and I get care and been under his care (along with the entire family) for over a month now. I can honestly say We are ALL improving on our end here and we love the chirpractor we are going to. I NO LONGER have to keep getting steriod injectiosn for my herniated disc in my back, I feel 100% better orthopedist or the pain killers or steriods he put me on helped...the chiro is helping and Im very greatful. I also have had severe Periformis syndrome in my left hip for 3 yrs now...once again, No Doc could offer any support other than steriod shots into the joint and prescription drugs...POOF a month of care already and WOW what a difference for me. Along with these positives signs that its working is that the fibro seem sot be more controlled. My hubby and his health is now becoming better, and my children (ALL4) seem to be responding in a positive manner (no more headaches, TMJ and belly trouble for any of them). Over all it has been a wonderful experience for all of us.

    As far as your experience maybe you just found the wrong Chiropractor. YES it can be very expensive but it doesnt matter the price if the Doc doesnt know what he is doing.

    If you feel fit and you have the proof to back up how sick you got my advice is then to get a lawyer. If you were under his care and you signed a contract with him then theres not much you can do and unfortunately he can send collections after you. Im so sorry you are going thru this. Its anhorrible thing. I too have had horrible experiences with CHiros int he past and was reluctant to allow my new boss to lay a hand on me. Now a little over a month later I cant be more greatful to him...I have been thru so much especially my back issues and my neck issues (I broke my neck when I was 18, have degenerative disc disease bad in my neck so Im in bad shape). I refuse to take prescription drugs because they make me more ill and the side effects are so bad for me.besides the fact that ANYONE who takes a pain killer on a daily basis will eventually become addicted to them...hence another good reason not to start taking them and I dont. I NO LONGER have Migraine headaches nor the horrible neck and back pain that was keeping me up all night and the best is that the fibro is under control for the most part right now. I havent had to take a liquid advil for 3 weeks....I have ALWAYS had one or tow of them on a daily basis (hence the bad stomach). now I dont need them at all. I am finally getting sleep at night too which I have suffered from insomnia for over 15 yrs now (maybe even longer). So I guess if Chiros are fruadulant then I must be psychogenically healing myself if thats the case. Proof is in the pudding and I feel great.

    HUGS to you. I wish you alot of luck and hope you feel better soon. Not all chiros are created equal...just as no Doctors are equal. Dont assume because you ahve had a bad one that they are all bad.

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  7. Bambi

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    gentle Chiro's in the Phoenix valley for quite a while. I think he genuinely wanted to help and it really did for awhile. Eventually it made me worse though and I had to stop going.

    I also don't think exrays can cause Chron's sp? and I agree it takes yers to develop. A friend has it and she suffered a long time before diagnoses.

    I personally would have stopped when it started hurting. I don't do any thing that hurts during or after..I am NOT a no pain no gain person. Experience has shown me that for ME it never gets better if it hurts right off.

    I don't really hear that he did anything unusual to you so I'm not sure what you could sue for. That's just me though. Bambi

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