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    Okay, so yesterday I had acting classes with an amazing teacher where she taught me to be two characters at once, causing my voice to go high and low high and low mulitiple times at a very loud volume. This caused me to lose my voice, it was gone all of yesterday and today. I can BARLEY speak, i have taken many throat candy things (im not sure what they are called) and of course tea and honey. Normally I would just wait for it to pass, but this has never happend to me before. But thats not the problem, the problem is tomorrow is a HUGE audition for me, and if I have no voice, then the rest of my Senior year I will not be in any plays, I was the lead in the first two and really want one in this play. How long does it take for my voice to come back? Are there any special treatments? Plllease help!

    *the main question is.. how long does it take for your voice to come back once you've lost it?
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    It needs to rest.Also stress makes it worst .I know its hard but try not to stress about it so much.

    Also try heat around your neck.

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    tells you how to treat it

    drink warm liguids like tang lemon honey

    gargle warm salt h20 rinses 1/2/ teas. per glass of h2o

    take advil or ibprofen, no asprin for any one under the age of 19 years is they sai...

    well google it they have other important things for you ...