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    Hello everyone it has been a while since I posted can't find a good time to post. Well anyway my memory has been getting worse by the day it used to be kinda funny but I'm getting worried now. I can get money out of the teller put it away and five minutes later I do not know where I put it.That is just one example. The worse thing I did was(this really upset me) I usually go to work pick up my schedule then come back and pick up my 12 year old daughter and take her to school. Well on Monday I forgot to go back and pick her up. Luckly I had taken my cell phone inside my patient's home(usually leave in car)my daughter calls me and asks me what happened to me. I was jsut so panic-struck all I said was I will be right there. I was a wreck the rest of the day. Luckly I was at a very understanding patient's home or I couldn't been in major trouble with my job. That is just of few of the kind of things I forgot.My 15 year old ask me for a set of car keys because I either lose mine or lock them up in my car.I just feel like my kids think I'm stupid.I really started to get scared.Sorry so long! Just needed to get my feelling s out to people who understand!
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    I know how you feel---the cognitive aspects of these disorders really get me down, sometimes, too. Like you it has greatly affected my memory. I am sure those around me are driven nuts by my repeated asking the same question over and over, as I cannot remember the answer. I cannot remember events, appointments, etc. If I think about something, for some reason my brain records it as actually have taken place...which really messes things up.

    I think one of the aspects that really bothers me, is my word loss, word recognition, spelling difficulties, and lack of concentration. I just cannot multi task anymore. Any outside stimulis makes it impossible to accomplish even the easist task.

    I have been doing some research, and have found many articles on these aspects, of these DD's.
    Are you taking neurontin or GABA, by any chance? I am wondering if these might help a bit.

    Best wishes,

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    I do the same thing. I will be thinking of something I need from the store and by the time I go to write it down I have no clue what it was. Makes you feel like you are loosing your mind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have paid my bills late several times just because I do not remember them in time. I write little notes to myself all over and on the calendar. Helps a little, but still is very frustrating. I think people thing I am getting alzhiemers, but am hopfully to young for that. I know one thing the more I stress out about it the worse it gets. There is so many strange things that go with this disease that if there was anything bad wrong with us we would have no idea that is was not the fibromyalgi or cronic fatigue syndrome. The strangest thing is that time goes by and I have no idea where it went to. It seems like Christmas is every month any more!!!!
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    I am into year 9...............the memory problems are still with me even though the physical ones have lessened & changed.

    Nothing seems to make it better..............kepping a "to do list helps" so does marking the calander.......IF, and thats a big IF.............I remember to look at them!
    I do get scared, for at 61 I'm in the loop for Alzheimers. Though I know my symptoms are not in that category.

    I do know that some meds effected my brain more than others. even a low dose of Neuronton had me almost brain dead & walking in circles,some of the antidepressants did to, to varying degrees. I've been lucky & have had docs willing to do the trial & error thing.

    The biggest + for me was Guafenesin (sp???) sorry but thats shot too :) Decreased pain, increased activity & didn't make the brain any worse.

    Wish I knew more......................wish the docs knew more too..............


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    We were just talking about this today at a party. All of my friends are having trouble too and they don't have FM! It can really be scary. Anyway, someone there who works with seniors said in order for it to be Alzheimers the things you do have to be bizarre. Like, put underwear on your head to go to the store or eat the butter off the butter plate, etc. I asked,"Oh, like putting your pajamas on to go out?" And, my friend yelled, "I do that all the time!" She loves to go to the store in her PJ's. It made me feel better because although I forget everything and screw up often, I have yet to put my underpants on my head!
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    I've been there! Went through exactly all of the same things you all mentioned. The eye-opening moment for me was when a new pair of pants appeared in my house and I couldn't even remember buying them! Also I was fired from my job....big surprise.

    You might notice how similar our cognitive symptoms are similar to ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder). In desperation, I asked my doctor why I couldn't try a medication for ADD? Would it not help with the memory and concentration problems associated with FMS?

    I went on time-release Concerta...and it helped! IMMENSELY! It helped greatly with my memory so I could train for another job. It helped with my concentration. It saved by life! I don't always want to turn to drugs for an answer, but I was desperate. I know you can relate to that.

    After almost a year on Concerta, I recently weaned myself off of it. I was afraid to, afraid I'd lose my mind again. But I didn't. It's still not 100%, not the sharp mind I used to have, but it will do.

    Talk to your doctor about it. If you decide to try it, I hope it helps you like it did me. Let us know.

    Take care

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    I to have many many times that scare me. ex. I went out to drive kids to school and i just sat in car looking for gear shift. Kids said mom lets go we are going to be late. I said i'd be happy as soon as they found gear shift for me. I get lost like i zone out and drift off exits and get lost. And i can look in a drawer for something and pick it up several times and not recognise it.such are the problems we all have days like that some of us more than others. Yes i worry my family is growing and who will look after me when i can't remember how to? it's a disturbing and scary but your not alone.I have to ask a thousand times because doesnt make sence. I was fried from a job because i had potential for harming patients i gave Occupational Therapy to> That had to be one of the worse times in my life 1994.

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    This is my worst problem now. I have taken GABA for about 10 yrs. now and if it is helping with memory, I don't notice. I take it for calmness, not memory. I take the maximum Naturopathic dose, 3 times higher than what it says on the bottle. Neurontin made me a lot worse.
    I also seem to lose time. It seems like I just got up and started doing my chores, and I'll look at the clock and it's almost time for dinner. I can't accomplish nearly as much and have no idea where the time goes.
    I have also noticed that this seems to be happening to evryone I know, not just us. Maybe little green aliens are sending out microwaves to fry us into stupidity so they can conquer us easily. (Don't's not any wilder than some of the other theories I've heard!).
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    but forget what I am trying to say in the middle of a sentence. It's very frustrating, especially for someone who used to be fluent in 3 languages. I carried several extra sets of car keys to work with me, because I would lock them in the car, leave them in the bus, put them in my jacket pocket then lock my jacket in the drivers' lounge or the trunk of my car. I keep a bowl by the door and empty my pockets each time I come home from anywhere. It's the only way I can find anything when it is time to leave again.